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Friday, November 1, 2013

i became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity

It's Halloween and I'm just not feeling it. I guess maybe I got all the Halloween out of my system last weekend when I hosted a party. I put my heart and soul into that party and now I'm all tapped out.  Now I'm just sitting around watching the Munsters on Netflix. I even gave the ol' standby Beetlejuice a try but the spirit just isn't in me.

I still lurve me some Halloween though.
I especially love how it brings the goth out of just average everyday people. What once was considered to be gross and evil is now something to celebrate and emulate... ah, but sadly only for a day. 
There is a goth within me that gets released several times a year - not just at Halloween. It's just in me. I can't help it. When she wants out, I let her out and give her what she wants... except for remodeling the trailer to look like Dracula's castle. I won't allow it. Too costly.
When I was in high school I went through a goth phase that faded away only to return to me again when I was about twenty and then again at twenty-four when I worked a cubicle job at a hoity-toity bank.
Sick and tired of having my wardrobe dominated by the rules of the corporate world, I began to break out the best I could by first, wearing all black - then came the heavy black makeup and black nail polish.
Soon word spread around the office that I was a witch. No lie. This tickled me to death since I'm a Christian  - Christians aren't supposed to wear black I guess. I must have missed out on the eleventh commandment: "Thou shalt not be goth". I wasn't bothered by it at all. I thought it was quite humorous so I decided to mess with their shallow judgmental minds, by breaking the "no decorating your desk or cubicle" rule. 
After one Halloween I bought a few marked down props and decorated my desk with little skeletons and skull and crossbones candles. I kept it that way for a year. I even bought black plastic cups with skulls printed on them so that I will have something truly sinister to drink from at the water cooler.
They wanted something to talk about, so I gave them something to talk about.
I was the office witch!! Oh what fun!
Speaking of fun. Isn't this sugar skull ring wonderful?! It's another one of my .99 cent eBay finds. I wear it all the time. I've just never thought to snap it to share.
Well, I'm doing a blogger linky-uppy thing for the first time in a very loooong time. 
Join me and tons of other sexiful creatures for
 Style Crone's "HatAttack #4"
Style Crone - Hat Attack


  1. That ring!!! I may die over its beauty! Love it so much, you are so lucky to have found it for so cheap! Man, I need to start looking at Etsy and Ebay! Happy Halloween Hollie! I love getting spooky sometimes too. I think its awesome that they thought you were the office witch! <3

  2. A witch?! Let's toss Hollie in the lake -- if she floats, she's a witch. If she drowns, she isn't.

  3. Hooray for egging them on!! You look awesome in your gothiness. I agree it should be all year 'round. Whatever character we want to be. Love the ring.

  4. I agree, dressing up and having fun is a year round activity that's why I don't bother with Xmas, New Year or Halloween! Love you bated the haters by ramping up the gothicness, some people are such boring old tossers! xxx

  5. I can see your inner goth! I love it when you can be comfortable enough in your own skin to wear whatever style you like. Sometimes people are afraid to try anything new or different and I just don't get it! The hat I think this hat is pretty fierce! Your office witchery is hilarious and I would have wanted to get to know ya regardless:).

  6. You rock, and not just because you look fabulous. So love that the goth-chick in you freaked out the corporate powers that be. And that the desk stayed that way for a year! Xo

  7. Halloween does give "normal" people an excuse to let their freak flag fly.

  8. I'm not a big fan of dress codes. I always wonder who makes them up. And if you're stuck in an office all day, who see you?

    I live in an area with no children (collage kids don't count) so Halloween is boring. No trick or treaters.

  9. Oooooh, you're so subversive. How wonderful! And I love your photos, especially the black and white ones. They have a lovely quality that focuses on your expressive face and sexy eyes. But the skull ring is fabulous in color! I can see why you wear it all the time.

  10. I love your attitude, self confidence, beauty, style, sense of humor, talent, and the way you wear your spectacular hat. Thank you so much for linking up with Hat Attack!

  11. man, your coworkers must have been super bored to decide you were a witch! I bet you livened up that place with all your decorations and water cooler skull cup :) i usually love dressing up for halloween but this year i wasn't feeling it. i did watch a few too many scary halloween movies and am good for another year!

  12. The first photo is amazing. I love that your coworkers thought you were a witch. That's hilarious. Strangely, everyone I work with wears black (not goth-y though) all the time, and I'm the only one wearing colour. They think I'm strange because I like loud patterns constantly.

  13. Your post title is bugging me Hollie, I know it and I can't remember where I know it from, that thought will plague me all day now! Love your ring, your hat and your general all round gothiness, plus the story of you winding up all the small minded people at work, love that you just kept adding fuel to the fire. I did totally dress up for Halloween this year, for the first time, it's always been all about the kids before, and I'm dying to have somewhere else to get all fancied up for now, it's addictive. xx

    1. The title is a Poe quote. I don't think it was from any of his works though. Just a personal quote from him.

  14. Thanks for replying Hollie, I did think it was someone talking about their real life rather than from a book, but I couldn't think who it was for the life of me. xx

  15. Bahaha you're awesome, that story cracked me up! Offices are little worlds on their own, I hate it - but it was SO good that you bought the spooky decorations and all! :D
    Love the photos, this hat is rad! :)

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