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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ramsey Thanksgiving

Cute autumn socks, fresh out of the package!
Thank you Just a Dollar. You're my only friend.
We spent Thanksgiving this year at the husband's parent's new home in Nacadoches, TX. 
Heh, I thought the photo above would be a good way to bring up this next pic. Get it? Buns in the oven? GET IT?!?!? DO YA!?  The husband's sister and her husband came down from NY. It's always a joy to see them but it was an extra special visit this year since they have a little one due in the spring.
 Little River had a blast. He finally got to swing and play in leaves for the first time ever.
It's been miserably wet and cold in Texarkana so all of our leaves are limp and soggy and the ground is ridiculously muddy everywhere.

 The leaves at his Granny's house were so crunchy and perfect, everyone wanted to play in them. 

  We had a decent and relaxing time even though I was pretty dang tired the entire time from lack of sleep due to a poor mattress and a possible kidney infection. 
We ate, we played games and there was lots of flatulence....
No kidding. After the Thanksgiving meal, we all sat around in a small room and played a game. There were a lot of farts that were not being claimed that evening and I didn't appreciate that one bit.
And what's worse is that they were ninja farts: Silent but deadly.
So how was your Thanksgiving weekend? (Or you know, for most of you just the weekend...)


  1. So fun to have babies around at Thanksgiving. We had a bunch of smart alecky teenagers and drunk adults.

  2. River is the coolest! Beatles tee shirt and stripey cardi - what a hip dude! Just try and keep the chicks away from him.

    Wow, I didn't even think about farts at Thanksgiving. And believe me, that is unusual! We were in a fairly big room. Maybe that made the difference. And I think all the alcohol must have neutralized any gas in my system. Turkey farts are the worst.

  3. Ah you crack me up Holly. Love the fart story. I don't know why farts are so funny, but I prefer the vocal ones to the stinky ones. And River....I just want to munch on him. He is SO cute. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Aus, so it's just another hot weekend really. Xx

  4. Hahaha your describing the fart scenario is hilarious. I'd say you'd be a blast to have at any party with your sense of humour. (and I mean blast as in fun, not at in farts).

  5. Socks are one of the few items of male clothing I like. Today, I'm wearing my Wicked Witch of the West socks. Okay... maybe they're not too masculine but they were sold in the men's dept.

  6. we had a fun time at my BFF's . We watched all 13 episodes of The Lone Gunmen (that X-files spinoff), yeah, be jealous.

  7. Possible kidney infection??? No!!!! SBDs after dinner? Yessssss! I love River enjoying the crunchy leaves ... I'm coming over now, just to squash him. K? xoxoxoxooxxoox

  8. Looks like a lot of fun dearie!
    Your kid is so cute in that hat, totes adorbs!!!!!!

  9. Awww, River is so cute! it looks like a fab day flatulence aside! x


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