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Monday, November 25, 2013

soupy twist

First of all, welcome to all my new blog followers! 
You're going to regret your decision. 
Hope you have fun!
 Autumn is by far my favorite season but it hasn't been the vibrant crispy colorful autumn that I've been longing to see here all year long...
It's so friggin wet and soggy. I've never seen an autumn produce so much dadgum rain.
At first the rain was wonderful because it would chase away the lingering heat from summertime... but now after a month of the wet stuff, I'm ready to scream. 
Oh, well. I guess I should make the best of it.
Time to roll up my sleeves, find some wood and gather two of every animal...
Now that it's cold I can wear my favorite coat. It's a handed down double breasted military style wool coat with a high standing collar. When I got it last year, it was too big. Now I can't even button the dang thing which sucks because when it's buttoned to the neck, I look and feel like a militant gothified high priestess. I like that look.
Sweater: Thrifted 
Skirt: Old clearance rack find
Leggings: Etsy
Boots: Hand-me-downs from mom
But seriously, who cares? I know I don't. I just wanted something to put in this space between these two photos.
  Here's one of latest fascinators I've been working on. I had to stop working on it because I ran out of materials so it's not finished. It's gonna be huge and stupid! Yay!
 Alright folks, I'm off to finish my ark.... so here's my... face. You know, because I have a face and I want you to look at it.


  1. How pretty do you look??!! Love your outfit & your makeup. I'll bet the rain gets super annoying, but hey it beats the heat. I'm dreaming of tights & jackets & boots & matte skin! Xx

  2. You do have such a pretty face. Love that fascinator and am counting the days till I finally get some heat and humidity on my skin! xxx

  3. Gorgeous clash of prints. I see you are ready for Christmas.

  4. OMG that fascinator is the sh*t! Can I have one please? I don't know how or when I'd wear it but I need something like this in my life!

  5. Love the face ;D and the comphy looking outfit, too!

  6. The Christmas box on the head fascinator is cute.

  7. Dadgummit!!! Could you get any cuter???

  8. You are a goofy girl, but that's what we love about you! I was waiting to see you model the fascinator - it looks so fun! Does the little box open? You could have a little bird pop out of it!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. I love your christmas fascinator. I would totally walk around with a big sparkly present on my head.

  10. A month of rain would be awful. We have the snow setting in here soon. We were going to have a big storm last night but it just barely passed us by ... this time!

    Your fascinator is quite spectacular. Love it.


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