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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm not a chicken. You're a turkey.

Before I begin this post, I ask that you please forgive me for the junky background in these photos.
Lately I've been taking my photos in front of the double doors to our bathroom, but I accidentally broke one of the doors off the hinges while fighting three ninja zombie cowboy robots last week.
It was brutal.
I didn't win.
 So anyways, I haven't been feeling too hot for the past few days. It's nothing serious. I'm just bleeding to death, is all. Too much info?
Today I'm going shopping to find us all (me, husband, baby) outfits for a private wedding this weekend. The bride has asked all the guests to wear specific colors and it just so happens to be colors that we ain't got.
 I'm really not excited about going shopping and spending money on something we're all just going to wear once. I even might have to **GASP** pay full price for a dress!
Moving on:
May I introduce you to my latest .99 cent Ebay find? I'm so darn stoked to be adding another blinged out arachnid to my collection.
I'm linking up with Bella Wella Bo-Bella for SHOE SHINE: THE SHOE FIEND EDITION. This is my first time linking up at her blog so I'm pretty excited about it. She's sexy and so are my shoes.
Faux suede Walmart brand flats bought a couple of months ago for $7. This is my first time wearing them because... I forgot I had them.
 Well actually I only got to wear them for about an hour until I discovered how short my dress was. I bent over and I could feel a breeze on my bum. I reached behind me and sure enough, no coverage. No coverage at all.
There's just something about wearing leggings and boots with a shorty short dress that makes it seem less short. You know what I mean?
I'm out.
Have a good week.
Don't talk to strangers and say no to drugs.


  1. What a pain to have to buy new threads for a wedding. I had the same thing happen for my school reunion when they wanted everyone to wear black, so no one felt out of place. I had to go out & buy a boring frock, when I have a wardrobe full of vintage beauties. Love your new bling & those shoes. Hope you're feeling better. Xx

  2. What a effin' cheek, the couple should just be happy that you're coming to their wedding without dictating what you should wear. If it were me I'd turn up in something I already have and if they don't like it I'd keep the present and spend the day in the pub.
    There's no such thing as too short, that dress is just fine. Love those green ballet flats but scared of the brooch! xxx

  3. I love your sense of humor. And you're flats. And your scarf. And your spider. But not all equally -- I like your spider the most. :-)

  4. Well, you may be flashing your bum but this outfit looks great. You'll just have to do a dainty squat when you need to go lower. Or get undies that say "Perve!" Or wear some short shorts I hope you're popping iron to stay awake!! Hang in there. I'm with Vix on the colour dictation - unless you really want something new. An accessory should suffice.

  5. That sucks that you have to buy something you might only wear once, I hope you find deals and cute ass shit! Take extra iron if you don't alter was losing all the blood makes a girl weak. I love and you know this about me leggings with dresses because then I can fling myself all around worry free.

    If you lived in portland we'd be up to no good and by that I mean find you some nice cheap clothes that you could wear again:)

  6. I hate dress codes--of any kind--with a passion. I'm with Vix, I wear what I want. Good luck.

  7. Wow, that goes beyond the bridesmaids having to wear dresses they'll only ever wear once! I'm curious t know how you make out on that front. Knowing you, I'm sure you've hit the thrift store first to see if you could find your appointed colour, so it must be a challenging time finding those outfits.

    I really like the outfit you have on. The scarf is great as are the shoes. I know what you mean about a short dress feeling shorter when worn with tights and shoes rather than leggings and boots.

  8. I'm sorry to hear the ninja robots won! Oh well, at least you look cute.


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