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Saturday, November 16, 2013

what's that smell?

A few years ago, waaaaay back in the ancient times of Myspace, Xanga and Live Journal, it was the hot thing to fill out surveys about yourself. The surveys asked random personal questions that you answered so that your friends and family could get to perhaps know you better?
It's beyond me how people kept up with each other's interests and beliefs before the internet.
I've heard tale that people used to actually talk to each other. You know, like... with their mouths. And listened to the words being spoken - with their ears. Weird, no?
I'm not trying to make any kind of point with my opening paragraph. I'm really just trying to find a creative way to embark on rather lazy blogging journey.
With that being said, how 'bout I tell you a bit about myself with some quick random facts.
I have three phobias: snakes, heights and mild agoraphobia that I've learned to deal with fairly well over the years.
I hate cheesecake.
My middle name is Danielle.
I spent half my childhood in the suburbs of Marshall., TX and the other half on a farm in Kildare, TX (a tiny, tiny town with a population of about 40). 
If I ever hit the lottery, I wouldn't tell a soul.
My favorite food is toaster waffles.
I only finished one year of college and I don't plan to go back. 
I was a virgin when I got married.
My son River was not named after River Phoenix (yes I have been asked)
I love to read but I only read books in the tub, in bed before I go to sleep and... on the um... water closet...
Here's what I'm reading now by the way:
I really like McDonald's food. I think it's magical. No worries, I only eat it like once a month.
I play the bass guitar and the djembe .
My favorite color is black.
I wanted to be a professional belly dancer but I lost sight of all that when I got married. Lately, I've been brushing up on my skills and trying to lose a bit of the happy marriage weight so I can teach lessons for a little bit extra spending money.
I'm allergic to cats.
I dye my hair black to make it...well, you know blacker.
I don't watch TV or listen to the radio.
My poison of choice is gin.
So do you feel like you know me better now?
How much do we have in common?
Are you wearing any pants right now?
I would love a bite of your sandwich.


  1. I love finding out random facts about the bloggers I read. Ha, I like to read on the water closet too, but then again I will read just about anywhere. I also dye my hair black (when I can be bothered), like gin and wouldn't tell anyone if I won the lottery.

  2. Thanks for sharing some random facts about YOU! I'm scared of heights, but I LOVE cheesecake. I was a virgin when I got married too, but my husband was more of a virgin then me! I like Maccas every now & then too, but I never feel satisfied or full from it. I am wearing pants right now, & I had a reuben sandwich for dinner. Xx

  3. Random personal bits are cool, thanks for sharing. Is black really a color:). I think that's pretty cool that you were a virgin when you married too. I was very much not:) but I was also 37 when I got married. Belly dancing, I've always wanted to learn I'd be a student of yours! I am not wearing pants right now but my pink furry robe and slippers sipping on coffee, no sammi:)

  4. you're hilarious I love your sense of humour! haha those surveys, man I loved the ones you would send to your friends and they'd fill them out and answer questions about you. Always got some surprising answers back! I'm surprised you don't like cheesecake but then again, I don't like pumpkin pie so... everyone has their things they hate!

  5. Good call on not telling anyone if you win the lottery ...

  6. well I'm wearing pj's and slippers. That's counts as pants. I wore a pair of vintage men's pj's to work once. Did I mention I work in theatre, I don't think anyone noticed!

  7. I love reading random facts.You are such a fascinating woman. x

  8. I am not sharing my sandwich ... it's tuna mayonnaise and extremely yummy. I keep having to remember to put my pants on as there are builders next door and I'm not a bare-bum flasher. I still want to move in next door to you. xoxoxoxoox

  9. Omg you hate cheesecake? What's wrong with you??!! :o
    But hey, I'm allergic to cats too ;)

    Lovely outfit with the stripey shirt and red tights, this looks like a cute and comfy everyday look! :)

  10. neat! i have 2 out of the 3 of your phobias!

  11. haha, another fellow livejournaler! We're old school!
    Loved the little survey. the other day I posted a livejournal style meme on Facebook just for a laugh and most people were really confused with it!!! How rude!

  12. I used to belly dance!!! (little known fact) I prefer to play the hand drums, though.
    I like cheesecake, but avoid avoid avoid like the plague! If I had a bathtub I would totally read in it! But I read all the time, anywhere......I'm allergic to cats, but love them so much I tolerate it and take lots fo drugs!!! Great post! XXX


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