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Friday, November 8, 2013

pretty young thing

Last weekend I finally had the chance to do something I've always wanted to do:
Hit up a post-Halloween sale.
Since I host a lot of events and parties I need costuming stuff. Lots of it. And now that I have a husband and a baby to dress for these events as well, I need triple the amount of costuming accessories.
The Halloween shop's prices weren't as low as I expected, (only 50% off) so I didn't score the haul I was expecting. I did, however, manage to find some heart shaped sun glasses and pilots cap. Two things I've always wanted. Not just for costuming but for everyday kind of of wear. I got some other doodads but nothing that compares to the awesomeness of hearties and a pilots cap.
The pilot cap has been begging me to dress up as Bessie Coleman, the first black female pilot who just so happens to be from one of my hometowns, Atlanta, TX.
I think I could pull it off!
This post is about to get a bit random so bear with me.
Here's another one of my .99 cent eBay finds. Isn't it lovely?
For the past week I've been making fascinators and other headpieces for myself and also to sell in my Etsy shop for a little Christmas shopping money. What do you think?

This one with the colorful feathers is still in the making.
And a lace tiara! Would be great for a wedding, no?
All aboard the Random Express! Next stop: pumpkin cornbread!
I've never cooked with pumpkin before until recently when I tried a recipe for pumpkin cornbread dressing with sage and country sausage. It was STUPID AWESOME! My husband bought too much pumpkin so I've been trying to find ways to get rid of it. Ladies and gents: pumpkin cornbread. 
Prepare two packages of sweet cornbread mix (I used Jiffy) and then add a can of pureed pumpkin and cinnamon and nutmeg to the mix. Eat with honey and butter or just by itself... er after you bake it of course. It's like and autumn party in your mouth! (And it's the start of making aforementioned pumpkin dressing)
So that's what I've been up to! How are ya'll doing?
Er, I mean "you all". Not "ya'll".
You.... All.
Watch this video. You wont regret it and it's River approved.


  1. Yay! I love randomness! We have missed your wonderful posts! So glad they are back! I totally think you would pull off Bessie Coleman! That would be the coolest costume ever! Love the hair pieces and the pumpkin cornbread? I have no words, sounds like the yummiest thing ever! I love pumpkin and cornbread, why didn't I ever think to combine the two lol? Love it!

  2. I laughed when I read that a pilot's hat is something you've always wanted! I'll be honest and say that is not something that has ever been on my wish list. But seeing you in yours I see what you mean. It suits you. As do the heart glasses suit River. His new little bottom teeth are very cute.

  3. Headpieces, feathers, pilot cap, sunnies, Bessie, cornbread ... I'm thinking of downsizing to a trailer ...can I be your neighbour please? xoxoxo

  4. Total random excellentness. Isn't River just a PYT in his GOLD shoes!?! Bessie Coleman. Hell Yeah! You little autumn goddess, you.

  5. Random is the best. Love the headdresses!

  6. Can't listen to the video as everyone is sleeping, but is there anything cuter than a baby in sunglasses? And you absolutely could pull off being Bessie Coleman. I love those head dresses, especially the one with leaves cascading down the sides, I think that would be beautiful for a wedding too. Always say I'm going to cook with the pumpkin insides, but I never do it, but that bread looks good. xx

  7. I love this random, a bit crazy, but cool, post!!! Love the pilot cap and heart sunnies. Gold.

  8. You could totally pull off the Bessie Colman lok, that's one rocking aviator hat! River looks adorable in his Lolita sunnies, too!
    Your headpieces are gorgeous, I want one! x

  9. I agree, River is adorable in his sunnies. The cornbread maybe baking at my house tonight

  10. randomness is good. Mr. River is too cute with those cheeks and teeth. pumpkin cornbread...that sounds yummy!

  11. Heart sunnies, who doesn't love them? They look pretty cute on you but River totally rocks them too. I think you would make a lovely Bessie Colman! Your headdresses are friggin dope! Seriously gorgeous, just like you!

  12. Fantastic finds - I am looking for an aviator style cap myself. I once saw one by Miss Sixty at an outlet but even at an outlet it was a bit overpriced... I still haven't forgotten about it after all these years!
    I love your wares. I just had an idea, send me the link to your etsy shop, I am thinking of doing a round up of all my blogger buddies etsy shops on a post for Christmas, what do you think?

  13. Cute glasses, especially on the little one. BTW, I love your gown! I just put it on and it looks fab. So glamorous. I'm gonna post about it later tonight. Thanks again!

  14. Well damn, jealous of your post Halloween hitting-up shenanigans! :D I didn't get into it this year, but maybe there will be some Halloween goodness lingering at Thrift Stores 'round these parts. Cute blog you have here, love your playful nerdy style. Totally relate.

  15. I could see you piloting a plane, definitely. Your aviator cap is brilliant. And River is too cute in those sunglasses. That's a photo you pull out when he's dating to embarrass him. Your headpieces are awesome and now I want to eat pumpkin cornbread. Great photos, great talent! I love your random world.

  16. I like your humour and randomness! The headpieces are lovely - the colours and textures!! Yum, pumpkin!


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