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Sunday, November 24, 2013

you're not the boss of me

A couple of nights ago my husband surprised me with an early Christmas gift. He got me a new camera!
I've been needing a new camera for years but I'm not the best at saving up to get what I want so he did it for me. He's been stashing away money here and there and went out to find me what I've been needing and wanting for so long now. Sweet, sweet dude.
The new camera is used, it's only 14.1 mp and it's missing the lens cap but compared to the duct taped piece of poop I was using before, this new camera is gold.
I've been going around the house snapping shots with different settings, in different lighting to see how it works and what I need to do to make it work better for me.
I figured it would be cool to show you a few of the shots, not because I think they're stellar pics (because they're not, sunlight is rare these days) but because I wanted to share with you a little bit of my home decor.
In the three years we've been married, my husband and I have spent less than $500 on home decor and furnishings. Almost everything you will see was found, thrifted, handed down, upcycled and even recovered from abandon trailers here in the park and dumpsters. If it's something that actually came from a retail store, then it most likely was a wedding gift.

And here's the fridge, because you know... why not?
 Alrighty folks. I'm out like Vanilla Ice. It's time for me to go work on my Christmastime fascinators.
Have a great Sabbath and never sneeze with your eyes open.


  1. What a sweet husband you have. Good for you! My mom has that same James Dean magnet on her fridge.

  2. Oh Hollie. I love your house. I'm a bit of a dumpster diver myself. What a super nice husband!!!

  3. "Normal" people. How much do I love that postcard on your fridge??!!!

  4. Love your Style... and your Old Camera made me Smile because it looks just like mine! The Pink has even worn off mine! Friends, Family, The Man and even the G-Kid Force have bought me new improved cameras and I can barely figure out how to turn them on... so I end up hawking my pathetic Old Camera anyway just in case... you know, I'd miss all the Blog Fodder Images if Heaven Forbid I couldn't get the New Improved Cameras to function! *winks* And 'Normal' people... are so over-rated.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Yay! We bloggers need good cameras. Tool of the trade.

  6. Happy new camera! You've taken some fabulous shots, too.
    Nothing in our house is new, either. Like a wardrobe, a home evolves and gets better each time you pass a skip or charity shop! xxx

  7. That was so sweet of your husband, I'm jealous because I have a crappy old camera too. Your photos have always looked good though, and I love these ones of your home, it looks like a really cosy creative place, the painting of the sea captain is very intriguing! xx

  8. Yeah, to finding free stuff. It always amazes me what people toss out. I'd rather buy second hand and have money when I'm old.

  9. That captain painting is awesome!!!
    Glad you got a new camera :)

  10. what a sweetheart for sure! You will love that camera that is a model I recommend to friends a lot! I love that crazy ass photo of you on the fridge!!!


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