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Thursday, November 21, 2013


Silly me, I totally forgot to share with you guys this wonderful little gift I got from everyone's favorite gal pal, Ally from Shybiker. It's a massive and extremely fashionable mug and an awesome card featuring her very own Spy Girl  fashion sketch. I wish I could have gotten better photos, but it's a webcam sort of evening.
If you're not familiar with Ally's blog then... too bad for you. You're missing out on something wonderful!
Well lately I've been swept up in a rare but severe hurricane of family drama for a couple of weeks now. It has nothing to do with me but I've been thrown into it in the worst kind of way.
I've been assigned to be peacemaker.
It's a family war that's been going on for about four years so far and now everyone is at their breaking point.
They're coming to me, desperately seeking help because I'm neutral ground.
Now I've got to grab my whistle, put on my referee shirt and pray that I come out of this alive.
 In between the constant phone calls that deliver nothing but more bad news, I've been working on my line of fascinators for a new online shop I will be opening some time next month (hopefully). 
 The fascinators and headdresses will be large and unusual with a few quickie lower priced barrettes and bobbies that I've made out of leftover materials.
I know you've already seen this autumn piece before, but I just wanted to share it again because I loved it dearly!! I sold it on eBay last week so I can start on Christmas shopping for my husband.
Sometimes when I make crafts I like to do a few pieces fast and without any specific planning just to see what I'll come up with - I guess you would call it "free association crafting". You know like free association writing but with feathers and a glue gun. I came up with this piece in just a few minutes.
Apparently there are some strange things running around in my brain...
I don't know what this is supposed to be.
Here's a better photo of the autumn fairy headdress I started on a couple of weeks ago. Now it's hot glue cobweb free and ready to wear.
  I'm trying to make a piece a day, but with all the drama, much needed deep house cleaning and a teething ten month old baby, it's just not happening.
Welp, back to work. I'll post more pics of the new pieces soon.
Thanks for reading and always wipe from front to back.


  1. Those head dresses are just getting better and better. I'm sorry you've had to cope with family trauma and that Ally's kind gift made things a bit more bearable. xxx

  2. Yay! It's so cute to see your face next to the things I sent. It makes me feel like we're connected.

  3. Those fascinators are GREAT! :-D And Ally is the best. I love her blog.

  4. good luck with the family drama.

    The headpieces are sweet

  5. Nice mug! Lucky you. I also really like the fascinators you've made. Very unique and interesting. Sorry about the family drama. That shiz sucks.

  6. Dude your fascinators are crazy good! I love how they are each totally different. That purple eye ball one yeah I get it:). I hope the drama dies quickly ain't nobody got time for that!

  7. Loverly headdresses. Excellent advice.

  8. Lucky you! What an awesome sketch. Also love the fascinators!

  9. Keep missing your posts because I go on Blogger all the time! These fascinators are beautiful, I really do love that autumn fairy one, but I know what you mean about trying to get stuff done with a baby, my youngest will be three this week and I'm only just starting to feel like I have a bit of time to myself again, so you're doing really well. Your gifts from Ally are gorgeous, your free association head dress has a kind of surrealist feel to me, with all those eyeballs, and I'm sorry to hear you're stuck in the middle of family drama, peace maker probably is the worst position to be in, I agree. xx


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