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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

it's the devil!

Last night me and my crew marched in the Texarkana Christmas parade.
The parade route was about a mile long and there were THOUSANDS of people there.
 A few weeks ago I sent out a public invitation inviting our supporters and cast members to dress up and march along with us. We had about eighteen participants, which was actually more than I thought would show up. There would have been more participants but several people that had to drop out at the last minute due to a nasty stomach bug that's been floating around. 
We even had our loyal friends from Middlefaire Renaissance Festival in Hillsboro, TX join us!
Oh, and the devil.
Well, here's the story behind that. This guy down here makes and sells leather armor. I hear tale he's made a few pieces for the big leagues in Hollywood. I wouldn't doubt it. His stuff is ridiculously awesome.
Well, at the beginning of the parade I realized how cool he would look marching in front of the banner. A supreme Christmas warrior with a candy cane sword leading the way, right?
 Little did I realize that he had pulled down his face mask which makes him look rather... um... demonic...
Like this:
Photo: Clint wearing his armor in the parade, spiced up the sword in the Christmas spirit.
Soon after he took his place I heard people in the crowd shouting: It's the devil!!
I look up ahead and sure enough our menacing Christmas warrior had accidentally gotten waaaaay ahead of us and is now trailing very close behind a poor innocent Nativity float with a little baby Jesus and all.
Well, despite all of that we won FIRST PLACE in the marching category of the parade!!

EDIT: Found these two photos on Facebook

 Ah! There's nothing like stripping down after spending hours in layers and layers of 17th century craziness.
I'm out party people!
Have fun and always wear safety goggles when you run with scissors.


  1. Hahaha that's classic that guy out there with the tusks! Great you guys one - you looked awesome! At least it's winter for you guys, with all those layers on. x

  2. Hell yeah! You should dress like this every day. Gorgeous!

  3. You guys all look fantastic! You must have been a really good addition to the parade, Devil and all. Fun times.

  4. Eeeek! first place. You are a bloody marvel! I wish we lived near you. I'm rather liking the devil! x

  5. Awesome! You guys look amazing and so does the devil. Congrats on winning first place. Our Christmas parade is sometime soon. The route is at the other end of our block, so I never miss it.

  6. That looks like so much fun - and funny about the devil. The coloured lights and the dresses look lovely. I must admit that I do miss Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere (I was born in UK). It all looks so magical at night. Here we have to wait until 10.30pm to see Christmas lights.

  7. Looks like so much fun!
    The devilish character is deliciously funny too! I love the outfits, so cool!!!!

  8. Ah, your friend is channeling the Krampus, The Christmas Devil! Its a hundreds of years old tradition in the alpine countries, like Austria. The Christmas Devil accompanies St Nick on his rounds and punishes the bad children. Check out the wiki :

    All of you looked fabulous!

  9. You look GORGEOUS! It looks like fun!

  10. Great fun, and wonderful attires.

  11. I love it, you guys look like you had a blast, layers and all ;)

  12. Glad you won!! Looks like you should have, hands down. I thought the bit about the devil was hilarious, too. Thanks for my vicarious visit. I've never been to a Renaissance Faire or to Texas. You make it look like fun. Although I'm a little nervous about the Texas part. :-)

  13. First place, RIGHT ON!! And well you should have won - your costumes and the joie de vivre that shines through these photos are what parades are all about. Looks like fun.


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