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Saturday, December 14, 2013

laughter in the darkness

The dark cloud has finally been lifted from the Ramsey household. The fevers are gone. The congestion is clearing up. The kidneys are healing and I've declared my overheating laptop to be dead... er, rather dead to me. 
I'm mad at it. We're not speaking right now. We might get a divorce. 
I've already moved on and starting seeing a younger, sexier computer.
These days I'm enjoying finally being financially stable enough to do Christmas as we please. This is me and the husband's third married Christmas and for the first time, there is a tree, decorations and presents.
Our first Christmas, we were so broke that I drew a Christmas tree on a piece of paper, put it in a frame and set it on a small table with a bundle of stringed lights I found.
Back in those days, the fridge didn't work. The stove would electrocute you (happened to me twice) and the lights were often shut off because we couldn't pay our electric bill. 
But we were ok with our situation and knew that things would get better. And they have!!
I'm also enjoying being cute... and having my hair pulled back so that I look like a sweet little... onion.
My head looks like an onion.
A strange long onion...
Ok, that's not very cute.
I'm enjoying our simple Christmas tree, a thrifty sheet music and brown paper wrapped presents. Yeah, you've all seen it before but look! More presents!! 
This will be River's first Christmas so we're making it special by having him "give" presents as well.
Not everyone uses Facebook, or has fancy phones to receive photos, so I took the "old fashioned" route and had photos of him with family members printed off.
He decorated the envelopes himself...
Well folks. That's it for now. Time for me to neglect my Saturday housework by getting caught up on my blog reading. Have a good weekend and always be nice to zoo keepers.
Cardigan: Walmart
Dress: Ross
Leggings: Etsy
Boots: hand-me-downs


  1. We had Christmases like that, too. A sad little half dead house plant made a sweet tree with some tinsel tossed on it. It's not the money or the fancy stuff that makes a good Christmas, it's being with the people you love. Merry Christmas!!!

  2. I love that you had River decorate the envelopes! Also, love the blue dress and yellow tights combo :)

  3. Ah. River is destined to be a great artist. I love your little bun head.

  4. I'm glad you guys are feeling better! Very festive photos.

  5. yea for feeling better. cute idea with River giving gifts. your Christmas tree is pretty! i still have yet to put mine up :(

  6. Thank you for sharing such a sweet post.

  7. So glad everyone feels better. Your holiday seems happening for sure... Even the one when you and your man were broke sounds sweet <3 Loving Rivers cards!

  8. Glad you're feeling better. Make sure you use precautions with your new, younger computer, though.

  9. Your head doesn't look like an onion. You look cute with your hair up and the little bow in it. Glad that the kidneys are better and everyone's feeling alright again.

  10. Dear Holly you are so precious.
    Thank you for joining the fun Of Share in Style.
    I want your blue lace dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. Honeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Best post ever darling onion!! You know how to do a beautiful Christmas for any budget, I will never tire of gifts with quirky wrapping and I adore the pic of River drawing his beautiful artwork on the envelopes. You are looking absolutely spectacular with such a divoooooooon colour scheme making my eyes roll around in my head. Big hugs to you sweets. xoxoxo

  12. You guys just go to show that it's the heart that makes Christmas (cue violins). Your Christmas nook looks like a movie set, but better because it's real. Your wrapping paper is the best and River is a true artist. Clearly I have to catch up here, I didn't know your kidneys were busted, but I'm glad they're better! You don't look like an onion head.
    AND, you look awesome in this outfit, doing the moves. I hope that's a real candy cane.

  13. laptop angst, grrr, I had a fall out with mine this year too - I'm so glad the Ramsey's are feeling better, you are gorgeous in your fab outfit! Rivers artwork is too cute, I love his face - have a wonderful Sunday x x x

  14. So cute that River decorated the envelopes ... The recipients with love their photos. You're better than me on that because I had fully intended to get some photos properly printed up for my in-laws and didn't do it. Although I did print some pictures of our cat but only using our crappy home printer. Oh well, you can't do it all ... Wait maybe you can, as you appear to have done so! Way to go. Your Christmas looks very nice, as do you in that great blue dress.

  15. Yay for your improved holiday! So glad you have resources to enjoy the season. Merry merry!

  16. Glad things are much better for you! the best presents come wrapped in recycled paper (Jon usually irons the previous week's Guardian and ties it with garden twine. Love your colourful outfit and River in his pants! x

  17. Yaayy, so awesome that you can have a Christmas with decrations and presents and all this year! So gladto hear the dark cloud has

  18. Disappeared and youll have an amazing first Christmas with River! :)

  19. So glad to hear things are gradually getting better.
    Your little one is the cutest and I love the brown paper wrapped presents (check my latest post for proof heeh).
    Huggles x

  20. Eeeee, look at little River, bless his heart. Love the wrapped gifts.


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