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Monday, December 30, 2013

Hot Springs, AR Mini Vacation: 1/2

Hot Springs, AR mini vacation post #1
Instead of bombarding your brain with a bunch of boring old text and your screen with a million photos, I'm just going to share with you a few pics from our mini vacation in Hot Springs, AR (along with brief descriptions of what's going on). And because I'm super nice, I'm going to break down what would be one massive post into two smaller ones.
Sooooo, here are some photos from the weekend-after-Christmas Ramsey family vacation.
By the way, Hot Springs is a small touristy town in Arkansas, best known for its... hot springs...
On the two hour drive to Hot Springs, I learned that a glove box is the perfect place to put yarn so it doesn't get dirty and tangled and smashed up on the floorboard.
I. Is. Brilliant.

  We all stayed in a cute little cabin that had rocks outside that had been decorated by previous renters. If I had known it acceptable to do this, I would have brought a bit of paint... or at least some nail polish as it seems that's what some people have used.
 When we got there we ate some lunch and opened presents...

 River's Auntie painted this lovely Yellow Submarine painting for his nursery per my request.
 And I received this crazy awesome print from my bro and sis in-law who clearly understand my taste... or maybe they took a random swing? but they definitely hit the nail right on the head.
 Actually I got A LOT of gifts but I'll share those in my next post.
River with his Granny and Gramps, Auntie and cousin.
Later that evening we went to Garvan Woodland Gardens which is an ENORMOUS park that has been completely decked out in Christmas lights.
 Check this out. These vellum lanterns were all over the place. Aren't they pretty?!?!
 This lighted tree was incredibly tall and the lights were perfectly in sync with the music that played from it. It might look cool in the pics, but there was something mildly creepy about it...
 A lot of the photos I took required the flash on my camera so a lot of them came out looking like horrific stills from the Blair Witch Project so it was pretty easy to weed out what not to post.
 Also, in the gardens is this glass and wood chapel, a VERY popular wedding venue here in the south. It was pretty cool to finally see it in person.
We went back to the cabin, had a bit of dinner and settled down for bed...
...and we accidently forgot pack River's play pen that also serves as his crib. So the poor little guy got to sleep on a pallet on the floor. He didn't seem to mind too much, though. It was a rather cozy setup.
Well, stay tuned for part 2 of our little family vacation: Bath houses, grumpiness and warm water.


  1. What a cute place to stay, those painted stones are the coolest thing. Love the Yellow Submarine painting and the awesome painting from your bro and Sis-in-law. The illuminated photos are fantastic, I can never capture those, your new camera must be magic. The wedding venue looks magical but its River who steals the show! see you in 2014 - have fun! xxx

  2. You. Totally. Is. Brilliant. That hypnotist? painting is kinda excellent. Gosh this all looks so fun and cozy and bright.

  3. I love that pic of River and his Grandma. Super cute. I'm so glad to had a brief trip. Looks like heaps of fun. Xx

  4. Quite jealous of your hot springs trip, looks like so much fun!

  5. Look at how cute your family is! That cabin looks like a great place for creating memories. That yellow submarine painting is really cool and having it made for Rivers room just goes to show how cool that boy is! You can see the love your family has for him in that group shot. Beautiful lights and your pictures look amazing! I

    I love the bed you guys made River! When my nephews go back to Bosnia to visit their grandma they stay the night there. They take two chairs and push them together and a make a little bed. In fact their daddy did the same thing when he was a kid and would stay the night there. So cute.
    Have a wonderful New Years!,

  6. Happy New Years Eve! That cabin looks really cozy. We haven't been able to spend the holidays with family in a while( they all live the California) maybe next year. Have a wonderful 2014!

  7. Happy New year! excellent family trip, your cabin was gorgeous and the family pic with River at the centre is a beauty - the wedding chapel is jaw droppingly fabulous, no wonder it's so popular, and The Beatles painting is amazing! we had a big submarine years ago in Liverpool at the garden festival, it was rather cool x x x

  8. Wow, the cabin is gorgeous and the painted rocks are such a nice touch to leave a memento. I am just so loving all the lights and sparkles - its midsummer here so it would have to be midnight to enjoy lights. So glad that River settled on his pallet I bet he loved all the pretty lights. The submarine painting is very special and the painting you received is quite, um, well unusual. It reminds me of a still from a 1930s horror movie. I kinda like it. Hope you have a very Happy New Year and wishing you all the best for 2014. xx

  9. Looks like a whole bunch of fun was had!


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