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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hot Springs, AR Mini Vacation: 2/2

 Here are some pics from our last day in Hot Springs.
For those of you just tuning in, me and the rest of the Ramsey Clan went to Hot Springs, AR for a mini post-Christmas vacation.
We went downtown and did a bit of strolling around. We decided to take a tour of one of Hot Springs many bathhouses. Many of the bathhouses were built in the early 1900s and now some of them just serve as street decor, some are now cafes, some have been converted into modern spas, but the one we visited has been kept intact for history's sake.

 In my last post I mentioned that Hot Springs is best known for its hot springs.
Well, as you can see here this decorative fountain is squirting toasty warm natural water right from underground.
 In fact pretty much every business had a fountain in front of it. There are even huge public drinking fountains around so you can fill up your water bottles and jugs and take home as much clean pure water as you want.
The tour of the bathhouse was actually pretty boring. Not because there weren't cool and interesting things to see but because the tour guide was a total windbag.
It took him foooooorever to explain each room and everything in it.

 This amazing stained glass ceiling art can be found in the men's bath room.  
 I bet that in 1916 if the men's wives knew what was looking down at them from the ceiling, they would never be allowed to set foot in Arkansas again.

 So here's a bit of the fancy equipment used back in the 1900s and beyond for hydrotherapy. I wasn't really listening to what the tour guide was saying because he was sooooo boring. I only caught a wee bit of what he said about these contraptions.
#1. "The Spray You Raw"
Step into this head to toe shower and have the living hell blasted right out of your body though violent jets of pulsating water.
#2. "The Bendover"
A device that's waist high and could possibly be used for self administered aqua enema... or just a nice pleasant spritzing.
#3. "The Don't Ask Don't Tell"
Get inside one of these cozy metal boxes, peek your head out the top and wait for a surprise. Could be something nice... could be something more than nice... perhaps- pleasurable?
If you see a man with a look of ecstasy plastered about his face whilst in his metal box, never bother him to share what he has received. You wouldn't want to ruin the surprise would you?
Don't ask. Don't tell.
Ok, yeah. Those aren't entirely accurate descriptions...I should probably pay better attention next time.
Happy New Year Garland, great for a new years party! #happynewyears #newyearspartyideas #newyeargarland


  1. I had no idea Hot Springs was so pretty. I don't want to know where those nozzles have been

  2. Wow! The tour guide may have been boring but you made this pretty interesting. Creepy and beautiful. One of my favorite combos. Happy New Year!

  3. very pretty bathouses - the metal box is really scary and the nozzles of doom are a little worrying, but I'm absolutely riveted by it all! blooming brilliant! x x x

  4. Ha! I love your sense of humor. These are fascinating places; I've never seen one and hardly grasp their purpose. Washing is, however, a basic human need. As is (as most men will tell you) staring at female beauty.

  5. Wow, the spas are really amazing - the equipment is fascinating and the stained glass window/ceiling is just spectacular.

  6. Oh the beauty of it all! You have me ready to share vacation experiences I left out and wanting to make more. Thanks for sharing :D !


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