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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

heave ho!

I got this dress at a street festival in Tarrytown, NY earlier this summer. It looked amazing on the mannequin but on me, it looks like one of my late-grandmothers house dresses.  I tucked it away in the closet until I could figure out how to make it look less... lazy hippie housewife-ish.
Since the weather was unseasonably warm yesterday, I decided to give it another shot. It's very lightweight so it worked perfect for my outings in the confused winter weather.
AND thanks to a new brand of bras I found online, my massive boobins were hoisted high enough for a little belt cinching (thanks also to a ridiculously tight tummy tucker I'm wearing under my clothes. Shhh... my little secret.)
Vest thingy:
Dress: NY street fest
Belt: Target clearance
Boots: Hand-me-downs
Yesterday I decided to go out and do something that I truly hate to do: thrift shopping.
I'm sure you've heard enough complaining from me about how much the thrift stores here suck, so I'll spare you the dead horse beatings and state simply for my newest followers that... our thrift stores suck. But oddly enough I had a pretty decent run this time.
I'm not going to share pics of every dang thing I bought - I don't want to bore you, so here's just a few of my faves from my haul.
 This adorable vintage yellow dress is a RARE find since no one here sells vintage clothing. I found it at Goodwill. It whimpered and gave me big puppy dog eyes, crying, "Take me home please? No one wants me. They're going to throw me away if I don't sell just like all the other vintage dresses! Save me!"
It's several sizes too small for me but it's in absolute perfect condition so I'll probably list in in my shop so it can find a new owner - someone who will love her as much as I do.
 I also scored these strange floral faux alligator loafers for $1.50 at Good Samaritan charities.
 A much lusted after wool cape for $3
 And another rare vintage Goodwill find: A cute little lace hat.
I've been wanting a hat like this forever!!
At every shop I visited I made sure to snatch up every Christmas album I could find for an early Christmas present my husband surprised me with last week.
I asked for a new record play and that's what I got!
 It's a late 70s Curtis Mathes console in pristine condition. He didn't tell me the price but from what I understand, the shop owner was practically giving it away.
 My old record player was in such bad shape, my albums sounded like they were being played underwater so now I can finally listen to my favorite records and stop wasting my money downloading the music I can find for mere pennies at garage sales and flea markets!
Um... this particular Shins record didn't cost pennies though... It was a gift. There's no way I'm paying more than a dollar for an album. Man I'm cheap.
See you guys later. I'm off to the rain forest to find a cure for lupus and herpes.


  1. You look awesome in that dress you pulled out for a second try. This combo definitely works. And that console - what a gift! The Sesame Street Fever will be a fun one for a dance-along. And finally, the thrift gods smiled down on you with those great finds, the crazy fab poncho, shoes and hat. I'm glad you've had this break at last.

  2. Brilliant stuff! all amazing finds, everything is just fab! the console too, I love a record player (ours is a cheap one but, boy it feels good to put a record on) and Sesame Street Fever? it just gets better! your dress you fixed up looks gorgeous, it's great when that happens (and firm pants are my friends! haha,I love them!) x x x

  3. omg that record player!!! I used to have the Muppets album lolzzzz!!! And that yellow maxi is amazing-- good stuff!

  4. What an awesome gift! The thrifts around here used to also suck. Not so bad anymore, lots of Miss Droby(however that's spelled) Sag Harbor (that name makes me laugh) still, but I find lot of vintage.

    Good restyling on that dress.

  5. I really like how you styled your hippie mama dress (which I would probably wear everyday in the summer if I could!). And what a man you have to find you that awesome record player.

  6. Brilliant husband! That's perfect!
    Also - what is the bra ting online you found? I'm in need!
    Love the finds..
    Peace x

  7. I actually think lazy hippie housewife is a pretty good look. I feel your pain. The vintage stores around here are pretty lame, too. Though it looks like you found some sweet things. I can't wait to see you in that dress. And that stereo. Yes indeedy!

  8. Loving you all hoisted & belted up....looking gorgeous! Oh my word that yellow frock is da bomb! LOVE it. I don't think I'd cope at all well living somewhere with bad thrift shops. Fantastic record player too. Xx

  9. Wow! Love the tie-dye frock and how you've styled it and would buy that glorious maxi off you in a heartbeat if the US postage wasn't so expensive! Great record player! xx

  10. OMG, what a great post! Love your new record-player. It's got style. I'm jealous. My turntable is a graceless hunk of plastic from China.

    And your New York dress looks terrific the way you styled it. A winner.

    Congrats on the thrifting haul. The yellow piece is very cute.

  11. 01. The dress looks fab how you've styled it!
    02. The yellow dress is gorgeous!
    03. Record player - DIVINE!


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