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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

blue Christmas

EDIT: before I begin with this post I just want you all to know that I've been making my rounds this evening, reading blogs and commenting on posts but it seems as though my comments aren't showing up for some reason and on some blogs I don't even have the option to leave a comment- not even on my own blog! Weird?!?!? So I just wanted to inform you all that I'm reading! I really am!!!
When December rolled in, it brought along with it some strange bad luck for me.
 Or rather, more bad luck than what's been accumulating since last month.
For starters my laptop has been overheating and shutting off several times a day despite sitting on a cooling fan. I've cleaned it out the best I could inside and out but all to no avail. That actually seemed to make it worse.
So now I have to sit on the floor of the living room, hook up a keyboard to our touch screen PC that mostly serves as our "television" to get things done. Well, I am grateful that at least I have that option since my husband has banned me from using his laptop for fear that my bad luck with electronics might come his way.
Our first Christmas tree!
 An ice storm threatened the area last week and I was not able to even leave the house for days due to the pending weather conditions that could strike at any moment. The ice storm never came, but the whole city panicked and began to shut everything down at the first sight of sleet anyway. See, we've been hurt before by a tremendous ice storm that hit the area about thirteen years ago. In some counties, power was out for weeks. The heavy ice that accumulated brought down whole trees right into the roads and on people's houses. It was pretty rough. 
I've also been dealing with what seems to be a kidney infection for the past three weeks. I'm not sure if that's what it is and I can't afford to go to some lazy quack doctor to find out since we have no insurance. All the doctors do here is listen to the first two things you say, either shrug and say "I don't see anything wrong" or give you some bull crap quicky diagnoses and write you a prescription for some super expensive meds you don't even need. So I'll give it another week.
Oh, and on top of that, I caught a cold and started one of my earth-shattering monthlies.
I'm in sorry shape over here.
(update: now my husband has a cold... and you know how men get when they get sick. Ugh.)
The new (to me) camera I received as an early Christmas present had to go bye-bye. It was devouring batteries. I was able to take photos for about ten minutes and the batteries would just go kaput. No bueno. So my husband took it back and got my a super nice point and shooter with a RECHARGEABLE battery. 
Hey, there's some good news!
I've also lost my faire's website. It's floating around somewhere far away from me in cyberspace. 
I spent all day yesterday taking photos of vintage clothing I wanted to list on Etsy, only to find that they ALL are in desperate need of dry cleaning (something I just don't bother with) and now I'm all out of gin!! What's a girl to do??
 I've been struck with several more tiny little tragedies over the past few days, but nothing really worth blogging about. 
So here! Look at my pretty rustic gift wrapping:
Old sheet music from my husband's piano lessons when he was a little boy and mailing craft paper lovingly bundled with jute twine. More about my wrapping adventures to come.
Well that's enough for one afternoon.
Now it's time for me to have a stretch, settle back on the floor and get caught up on my blog reading. 
Only 68 more posts to read!


  1. It does sound like you're having a run of bad luck.
    I hate going to the docs at the best of times but at least we don't have to pay for it. Drink lots, stay warm and wear earplugs (ill men are the biggest whingers on the planet.)
    I never dry clean my vintage clothes, I wang them in the washing machine on a delicate setting adn I honestly haven't had a disaster in over 30 years!
    No advice on the website but I'm sure it can't be lost for ever! xxx

    1. I once destroyed an amazing vintage chiffon gown from hand washing it in cold water. It shrank and wrinkled so bad - it seriously like, shriveled up. That's why I've been so terrified to care for vintage clothing myself!!

  2. the ice storm sounds terrifying, run's of bad luck suck, especially when you are out of gin too! and I think ill men should really stay in another room and be quiet (my sympathies ran out years ago!) I hope things start looking up soon x x x

  3. I'm so sorry for you! I hate it when multiple things just can't seem to get going in the right direction. At least the ice storm didn't come, right? For your kidneys, I think cranberry juice is supposed to be good, and maybe a certain kind of tea. But you should get thee to a doctor if it doesn't get better soon!

    Your tree and packages look so pretty! I hope Santa will bring you a new computer, and your website back.

  4. No dry cleaning here... Gentle cycle or hand wash OR I just say I don't want to risk cleaning them and the price is reflected as such.
    I've burnt out more than one computer :(
    Also, no health insurance. Way to expensive to roll from doc to doc while they figure shit out. We signed up for Obamacare and get a pretty decent credit since we don't make a lot of $. Can't wait until that kicks in... My friend used to get major UTI's and says there is actually good OTC stuff. Have you tried it?

    1. yeah, I think it's be best I just list "as is" and charge a lower price... if I don't that's going to be one hella dry cleaning bill!!! Might as well just keep them for myself. Oh wait, I haven't been a size 8 in YEARS!! HA. Nope, the clothes gotta go!

  5. "Brown paper packages tied up with strings......"

    Your tree and gifts are beautiful.

  6. We've also been unlucky here. It snowed almost two weeks ago, dropped us down to -24F (colder then some places up North) and the darn stuff has yet to go away. It actually snowed again last night, bringing temps down lower again. :( My computer's mouse has been acting funky too, which sucks because I started taking online classes for my work. Blah… Oh and the sewer backed up at the place we are temporarily living at, you know, RIGHT where my kids and I are sleeping. Our bedroom now smells like poo and we can't use any water here. I am ashamed to say that I have been showering at my work. :/ But that's the life, isn't it lol? We all go through bad storms in life (metaphorical and physical) and we all just have to ENDURE. That has been the word of the year for my family lol, endure… :) With that being said though, I am sad face that you are also experiencing a bout of bad luck, and I hope it gets better soon for your awesome little family! <3 Love, love, LOVE the Christmas tree and the presents! So cute!

  7. O, love, I'm so sorry you're having a run of bad mojo. I can only imagine when it has run it's course, you will have a string of GREAT mojo!!! Just sit tight, love each other and wait it out......XXX

  8. I haven't been to work for days because of a snow/ice storm we got that shut the city down. My truck is from the 80s, and I don't have chains, so I've just been sitting tight. Supposed to thaw at the end of the week...
    I agree with Vix---most stuff that says "dry clean only" can be put in the washer on delicate and then air-dried. I think in all the years I've been doing that, I only had one thing fall apart on me :)

  9. I'm sorry you need a girls night out! Not that that would fix anything I'm just saying. I do hope you find out what's wrong with you and feel better. I think your wrapping and tree and precious! Glad the ice storm never came but hanging out and waiting sucks too.

  10. Oh my gosh. Your moon must be in flux. I don't know what that means but whenever I have crummy luck that's what I say. The moon is in flux. Fluxing annoying! I hope you feel better. The medical system here in the ol' US is so fluxed up. Augh! And it is probably your glowing creativity that messes with technology. You vibes are just too darn strong.

  11. Oh no ... Sounds rough in deed. I hate to hear that you think you might have a kidney infection but seeing a doctor to confirm it and get you on antibiotics is so arduous there. I don't go to the doc often but when I do I sure am grateful that I don't have to pay for it.

    I'm trying to send you some good karma vibes to help with your troubles. Hope they make it to you pronto.

    Love your tree and gift wrapping.

  12. I hope the run of bad stuff is over ASAP. It makes me sad to think what a mess the medical system is in the USA. I take for granted my access to affordable healthcare. Xx

  13. Oh no I'm so sorry to hear about thisstreak of bad luck :( It's great that you still stay the sunshine you are and joke about it instead of letting it all get you down. Chin up, it can only get better again! However I'm a bit worried because a kidney infection is pretty serious! Have you tried drinking cranberry juice or taking cranberry pills or something? In general you should drink a lot. Hope you feel better soon!
    As for the photos, the gift wrapping is beautiful! It's such a cute idea to use old book pages or music sheets! :)

  14. I'm reading this in retrospect so I know that this has passed. Two things, iron and cranberry juice and drinking lots of water, but ESPECIALLY IRON. Not that this helps you now, doh...
    Given that all the bad luck has rained down upon you at once, you should be clear for a while. Whew. Your first photo sums up your situation so well. Even in the midst of horror, your hopeful little candy cane is sticking out like a surrender flag. Clearly it worked.

  15. Okay. I am prone to Kidney/bladder/UTI's. Like, I've been hopsitalized for weeks. THEN SOMEONE TOLD ME ABOUT D-MANOOSE PILLS.

    GO GET SOME. I got some at our local "natural" store. It was like $30 for a bottle, but so worth it. As soon as I feel one coming on, I pop a few of those and it's gone. (It's recommended to take daily, but it's freaking expensive so I just take them as I get them) Seriously. Go get some! I promise it'll make you feel better. I know how much those suck/hurt. Sending well wishes!! And good luck ;)


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