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Saturday, February 15, 2014

i heart you too

I love Valentines Day. Even when I was single and lonely (not having my first relationship until just five years ago), Valentines Day was still one of my favorites. Why? There's  free cupcakes and chocolates everywhere!
In my single days, I learned to work the system. Be a scavenger, you know? For example if you work in an office, look for the girl holding a box of chocolates with a disgusted look on her face. The chocolates she received probably came from her creepy stalking ex-boyfriend.
That's when you say, "So um... I take it you don't want those chocolates? No? I'll take those off your hands. The roses too..."
***Valentines Outfit Under $30***
Vintage Lane Bryant dress - won on Listia, an auction website that uses points instead of money
Tights - target
Oxfords - Kohl's clearance, ages ago
Necklace - yard sale
Knit tam- local beauty supply store
 Me and the husband decided to make it a family Valentines evening so River got to join in on the fun for the first time.
Our evening wasn't exactly ideal.
We went to our favorite Italian place (because Italian is as fancy as it gets around here).
A lovely Cotton Club inspired jazz duet was there and they were awesome but the restaurant was loud, super busy and packed from top to bottom AND River was antsy, shrieking, whiny and very uncooperative. To make matters worse the restaurant was horribly short staffed, having only two waitresses... but the one waitress we had was pretty darn terrible.
I was a waitress for a few years, so I know how tough a job it can be but we sat at an empty table for well over 30 minutes and watched the waitress take the orders from tables that arrived waaaaay after we did. She never stopped at our table to ask if we needed anything and at times it seemed as if she was intentionally ignoring us.
Me and my husband are extremely patient people - sometimes TOO patient. I can see any other person flying off the handle over such a bad experience but... we were too hungry to find another place.
What did you all do for Valentine's Day??


  1. You look so cute! Sorry 'bout the bad restaurant experience. We had a quiet meal and then watched our favorite actor (James Gandolfini) in one of his last films ("Enough Said") (a good indie-flick with Julia Louis-Dreyfus).

  2. I love your outfit, and the shoes! blooming wonderful shoes, I'm glad you all got fed in the end, I find slow service very frustrating especially with kids in tow (kids can turn on you when hungry!) ah valentines, we spent a couple of hour in A&E with one of my kids, she's fine tho! x x x

  3. You looked very cute form your family date. Too bad about the restaurant situation. I love Valentne's Day too, but we tend to stay home for dinner because the restaurants are so crowded. We didn't make anything overly fancy this year but there was dessert! And hearts on our napkins. <3

  4. I hate that when people ignore you in restaurants and shops. Sometimes you have to be a squeaky wheel - and hopefully make them feel guilty at the same time. I was a waitress, too, but I never ignored people. At least not for more than a few minutes while I was busy with something else.

    You guys really had something to celebrate, though, with your growing family! How sweet!

    We ate at home with candlelight and flowers - all a surprise for me when I got home from work! No chocolates, though. I'll have to buy my own.

  5. Sorry about the awkward restaurant experience!! Its happened to me too. You look really cute in that dress :) We stayed home and ate the chicken fajitas my husband made from scratch (he is the cook in this house) and then we played video games together.

  6. I love your Valentine's day dress! I was a waitress too, and there's absolutely no excuse not to acknowledge customers and apologise for the delay. Hope you left a stinking review on Trip Advisor. xxx

  7. How could anyone ignore such an adorable family? It's criminal! You should get free meals there forever. Vix is right. Yelp 'em!

  8. Haha that's a great idea to get free chocolates :) clever girl!
    You look so pretty in your valentines outfit!!!
    What a terrible waitress, you should report that! That's a no go!
    xx Tani

  9. love your dress! it's so cute!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  10. we had dinner at our favorite Mexican place. The next day, while at the Publix, I got 2, yes, 2 heart shaped boxes of chocolate for a $1. Each box only had 5 pieces, but who cares? It was chocolate!

  11. i loooooooove valentines day, don't really know why! it sucks that you had terrible service, and that your server put you guys last, RUDE! man, i`m one of those people who probably would have flown off the handle - I definitely need some of you and your husbands patience! On a more positive note, you guys are a cute little family :)

  12. Oh my I love you in that dress! And those shoes are awesome! We don't really make much of a big deal for valentines day. This year we went out to a cafe for lunch. I HATE slow service. Utterly frustrating! Xx

  13. It's true -- Valentine's Day always brings the chocolate!


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