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Monday, February 3, 2014

reluctantly crouched at the starting line

 Smile and rejoice, for today I have quit my job at the bomb factory and now I have the time to author a decent blog post.
Ok, I never worked at a bomb factory but I have worked in fast food. It's kinda the same thing...
 Sunday, I got all gussied up for our church's 20th anniversary celebration. I decided to finally give my favorite vintage granny hat a shot and it worked out just fine. I've been pretty reluctant to wear it because it had a greasy old worn our elastic chin strap that didn't do much to keep the hat on. I finally just cut off the strap and slid bobby pins through the lace and into my hair. It stayed on like a champ.
 And, I actually wore heels. If you know anything about me, I avoid heels like the plague. I have very flat and wide caveman feet that seem to get fatter and more gross the older I get. But these babies are 9 WIDES so I can strut it up and down the catwalk for up to four whole hours!
 Here's a quick funny story about these shoes: My co-worker was wearing them one day and I said, "OH! I Love those shoes! Can I have them (jokingly)?" She thought a minute and said, "Ok."
It was that easy!
Now whenever I see someone wearing something I like, I ask if I can have it.
You'd be surprised at how many people will literally give you the clothes off their backs! All you have to do is ask.
I have a collection of "gimme gimme" garments!
And here's something I've been meaning to share with you all for a while. Have you seen my ears lately? No, well here they are! Crazy! I'm gonna stretch them 'till they hang down to my shoulders and flap in the wind.
Kidding... or am I?
I got a loverly gift in the mail last week!!
Dig these handmade wrist warmers made by the uber fantastic blogging sensation Poa of Project Minima. I saw these wrist warmers in one her posts, I said I liked them and she sent them to me!!! Aren't they fun?!
 And now let's venture further down Random Road. Hm?
This Saturday (the 8th), me and my crew are hosting a Valentine's Day masquerade ball fundraiser for the faire. The dress code is semi-formal or costume. Since I'm broke (and too busty) for a formal, I went for costume.
 I whipped up this headband in a just a few minutes. I like it but I'm not sure if I'll actually wear it because it doesn't really match the gothic Victorian circus theme of my outfit. Plus the hearts are all willy-nilly because I was too impatient to wait for the hot glue to dry properly.
Alrighty, homeskillets. I'm off to go make myself sick on chocolate cake. Peace out.
Philip Seymour Hoffman


  1. You look gorgeous, that dress is amazing, and you're right, if you don't ask you won't get! Yay to generous friends, bloggers and co-workers.
    Love Pao's wristwarmers and your creation. Hope you take loads of photos at the ball. xxx

  2. Lovely, lovely. And quelle story about the shoes! Funny, I woke up thinking of a lady in Canada who literally gave me the scarf off her neck when I said I loved it. What a generous soul. I feel badly cos when people compliment me on my rags, I invariably go on about how cheaply I got it at the thrift shop! Ah. Neat wrist warmers. And you must feel liberated to have quit your job. Broke, maybe, but more time to do stuff that your creative soul is groovin for. Xo

  3. You always crack me up! You look gorgeous in that white to trot mumma. Love those heels. I rarely if ever wear heels ether.Wish I could cause they look great. Xx

  4. about old elastic on vintage hats: It's not a chin strap, it goes under your hair in the back. Bobby pins work much better. Because I have a big head I'll sometimes sew a hat onto a headband

  5. Look at how friggin cute you look! I'm the same in that I only wear flats so I give you big time props for strutting like a real diva all day in those and getting them for free! Your valentine crown of love is so gorgeous, I'm smitten! Here's to quitting jobs that suck too, wow, that's awesome! Your ears lobes look pretty right wear they are above your shoulders:)

  6. You look so cute in your pretty dress and great hat. I wonder if I can please have your shoes. Haha kidding, but they sure are beauts. As are the wrist warmers. Here's hoping that your party is a smashing success. I'm sure your costume will be amazing.

  7. You look so pretty. I love dark stockings with a white dress. It's so Victorian maid!!! And those she's are very very cute. Just ask for clothes? Hmmmmm...I've gotta try that. Love your Queen of Hearts crown and sad about PSH. He was one of a kind.

  8. Your SHOES are cute. Autocorrect is soooo bossy!

  9. Ah, I bet those were things they wanted to get rid of - you were just in the right place at the right time. (Am I a cynic or what?)

  10. The vintage granny hat is so lovely and suits you beautiful! (and so does the dress)
    And haha what a lucky gal you are to get those shoes for free i was smiling when i read that little story :) The crown is gorgeous, good job you did! xx Tani

  11. Love the outfit and love the Cake reference in your title!


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