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Friday, January 31, 2014

snow white and the 7 hobbits

Last weekend I went to my friend's Hobbit themed birthday party for his grand ol' 30th year celebration.
Someone asked me at the party if I had intentionally dressed in Snow White's signature color combo.
It was a total accident I swear. And a very cute accident if I may say so myself!
Men love Lord of the Rings and they love Legos. Put the two together and you've got yourself one happy birthday dude.
I'm not sure who made this little hobbit entrance but I'm going to guess it was his mom and/or sister because they're just cute and creative like that. How cute is this?
 River and the Hubs
 ...and a dude with a guitar.
I know this has been a rather lazy post... but right now, I'm being a rather lazy lady this evening.
See you all later. I'm going to go... not... do things.


  1. Well, then, here's a lazy comment. Okay then.

    No, I have to also type that the hubs and River are so adorable, as are you, Snowy!

  2. what a fun idea. the love tree stools.

  3. Looks like it was a very nice time. I love the Hobbit theme ... you and your friends are so good with having a theme. And that top picture, resplendent with the Snow White colours, is such a great one of you two.

  4. Sometimes you have to take it easy! I do it a lot, love the pics, River is just gorgeous, and his shoes! I miss baby shoes! x x x

  5. You and River are so cute, I love your unintentional Snow White theme!
    I fell asleep during Lord Of The Rings. All I know is that Hobbits have mahoosive hairy feet and I can't see any at the party! x


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