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Friday, January 10, 2014

V-day pimp

So I totally just read and commented on about twenty of you guy's blog posts only to realize that none of my comments were going through. So I switched from Chrome to Explorer and voila. Problem fixed. I don't know what the heck is going on. So, please don't think I'm not  keeping up with you lovely ladies, I'm just having some weird browser issues over here!
I'm alive but I'm not doing too well over here. What I thought was a bad month-long kidney infection has turned into what could possibly be osteoarthritis in my spine and hip. Fun!! I'm just waiting on my health insurance to come through so I can finally get it properly checked out. It could be something very easy to fix... like maybe an alien laid it's eggs in my muscles? Just cut me open and scoop them out. Easy, right?
Well, in the meantime I've been doing all that I can to keep myself distracted from the pain. Working, planning, cleaning, complaining, bank robbering...
  We've got our 3rd annual Valentines day fundraiser coming up - that's a pretty darn good distraction.
The first year we hosted a casual shindig at a coffeehouse. I hired a comedian and a blues singer, and we raffled off naughty sexy gifts. We set up a pretty awesome evening... and no one showed up.
The second year was steampunk themed and that went extremely well but because steampunk is kind of dying out we've decided to go with something more "safe" for this year.
I've been trying to come up with a good costume for the ball - Something, pretty, unique but easy to work in. When you manage events, you don't just dress up, show up and give orders. You gotta WORK! Decorate, entertain, manage, clean, refill the punch bowl, reapply your lipstick, wipe off the sweat and keep smiling!
That may sound like a tough gig, but I love it. I really do.
Indeed this is a masquerade ball but I really hate wearing I'm a face sweater and wearing a mask will leave me dripping and angry -  so I'm just going to paint one on.
I like this "shadow mask" I created using black eye shadow. I'm going to stick with that look and just make the "mask" darker.
And the rest of the costume is a surprise. You'll get to see it soon enough!
Also, I've inherited another round of vintage jewelry from my Great Aunt Louise who passed away a couple of months ago.
 If you don't remember me mentioning Aunt Louise before then you can read more about this interesting character in this post. She was a wild chick.
 Aunt Louise is on the right in the dark blue dress. See that attitude?!?
So here are some of the good pieces I've found so far in the collection. All of these have been listed in my Etsy shop. I haven't been able to list much because sometimes the back pain gets pretty ridiculous and sunshine has been scarce around here lately, thus making picture taking very difficult.
Aaaand it's raining again right now.
Westclox pocket watch

 Avon perfume vial necklace
Vintage brass pen and mechanical pencil set
 Brooch and earring set, very Mardi Gras.
 And a  vintage Time brand Twist-o-flex men's watch.
All off these items are listed in my shop for low prices, because I know some of you heifers out there are just a cheap as I am!
Well, that's it for now. Now I'm off to go buy a new spine from the Black Market.
Wish me luck.


  1. geez, good luck and fingers are crossed it's something easy to take care of.

    Love the "mask" idea. Looks tres cool.

  2. Wow, that's some dramatic makeup. I'd love to try it. I hope your health problems aren't serious. We care about you!

  3. Your Aunt Louise would be so proud of you, with your mask and your Valentine's Ball and your never-say-die attitude! And doing all that while you're in pain - you are a trooper. I hope the doc will be able to do something for you. You're too young for arthritis.

    You're right, I am cheap, but I'm going to have a look at Aunt Louise's treasures in your Etsy shop.

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  5. Oh no back pain really sucks. It's so hard to find relief from it. Fingers crossed it's nothing permanent & you feel A-OK soon. I love your faux mask, it's really effective. Loving Aunt Louise's jewellery. That pocket watch is da bomb! Xx

  6. I hope you get everything sorted, you must be in a lot of pain and so busy (I complain like a child when I'm sore, not good!) I love the mask, excellent idea, and I look forward to the outfit to go with it, and yes I am cheap/tight and going over to have a look at Aunt Louise's jewels! x x x

  7. Aww, so sorry to hear you've been in such pain, and that you've lost your great-aunt Louise :(. Hope your back situation is something that can be fixed.

    On the brighter side, your mask trial run looks really cool and you guys sure looked good for the bday party that nobody came to. Ok, that last bit had a less than bright sheen to it, but you guys did look great.

  8. even if running events is crazy and stressful, it still sounds like a lot of fun:) I'm with you on the face mask thing, after a few hours those things are so uncomfortable!

    it sucks that you've been fighting a mysterious illness this month, fingers crossed your insurance stuff gets sorted out quickly and you hop onto the road to recovery.

  9. Wow that make-up mask looks fantastic - very futuristic and cool. I am so sorry to read that you have not been well :-( hope you get it checked out soon and then on the road to recovery. A valentines ball sound fabulous! take care, xx

  10. Hope your spine gets fixed ASAP. Very cool mask make-up.

  11. I hope you feel better! That sounds like NO fun!

  12. Damn! A kidney infection would've been easier to get rid off, osteoarthri! Wishing you tis is seriously no fun at all :( I hope you feel better soon!
    I love the idea of painting a mask instead of wearing a real one, that's clever and eye-catching. Wish you lots of success with the Valentine's Day fundraiser! :)

  13. My comments haven't been showing up either! Weird! :/ Hope you feel much better soon! And I am excited to see how the masquerade will go for you. You know that if my family lived closer, we would be at ALL of our events! :)

  14. My comments haven't been showing up either! Weird! :/ Hope you feel much better soon! And I am excited to see how the masquerade will go for you. You know that if my family lived closer, we would be at ALL of our events! :)


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