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Sunday, January 19, 2014


Yup, little River is one year old now. Well, not until tomorrow (the 20th) but you know what I mean.
We threw him a small and mostly DIY travel themed party....

 ...with road atlas paper chain and real maps as d├ęcor.
...and a few low cost dishes from around the globe complete with little flag picks I made myself.
And one single cupcake for the birthday boy to destroy. 
 At first he just poked at it, unsure of what the heck a cupcake is.
 After a few minutes of just poking it, we finally scraped off some if the scary blue icing and broke it in half for him to show him that it is indeed edible.
 He catches on fast.
 Happy birthday to my favorite baby hipster!


  1. Happy Birthday to River - he is such a little cutie! And you are the hostess with the mostest. Why are you not a party planner and charging lots of money for your talent? Travel theme! You made the flag picks! I want to be at your next party!

  2. Oh my goodness, is this post ever jammed packed with cuteness! Happy birthday little guy <3. What a wonderful party theme you did. And now I'm hungry after seeing all that interesting food you had out!

  3. Happy birthday River! Where is Mexico represent yo! Jk I think this is a cool party theme and I love your snacks from around the world!

  4. What a wonderful way to celebrate River's first birthday! I love the travel theme, the food looks delish. But I could just eat up River all day long. He is so yummy! Xx

  5. Happy 1st Birthday River!!! the cutest boy! I love your party and food btw the baklava and I would have had some serious alone time! x x x

  6. Happy Birthday. Cool idea for a party

  7. ohhh, what a fun little party! too cute! loved the theme and glad he got used to the cupcake :)

  8. Naaaw cuuute! Happy belated birthday little River!!
    This one pic after the cupcake massacre reminded me of thisvhere haha:

  9. Happy Birthday to little (well, not so lilttle anymore) River! haha loved the series of him destroying his birthday cupcake, he is definitely having a blast! also digging the flags on the foods from across the globe, overall River had a very coll themed birthday :)

  10. The flags in the finger food, adorable little party!


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