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Saturday, January 25, 2014

pop pop pop

For the past few days I've been obsessing over putting together the perfect playlist for my upcoming Valentines Day Ball fundraiser. 
I had no idea how out of touch with today's pop music I am until I started sniffing around for other dance tunes besides the B-52s Love Shack.
While looking through today's Top 40s hits to add to the playlist I found myself scratching my head trying to figure out: "What's a Bruno Mars?? Lady Googoo?  Beyonce is still alive? Kanye Who?" 

I hate today's pop music - for obvious reasons. It sucks Let's face it. It's pretty terrible. 
So to show you my frustration - I'm going to do a costume change mid-blog post.
 I stopped listening to the radio over ten years ago, only tuning in once a year to hear some Christmas tunes during the holiday season.... maybe a bit of NPR if I'm feeling bold... or if I left my CDs at home and have nothing else to listen to while driving.
I gave up on keeping up with popular music over ten years ago and starting looking into what's going on in the world. No, I don't mean like political United Nations superhero-ish, I mean what's going on in the world musically. What do those other cats have to offer? Goodness, that's what. And it's not just the ethnic sounds from other countries that tickle my fancy, there are plenty of bands here in America that like to dabble in ethnic spices: Gogol Bordello and A Hawk and a Hacksaw are the top two on my list right now.

So how do you feel about the pop music where you live? Are you still in tune or have you moved on?

Don't ignore this video. You'll hate yourself for doing so.


  1. Pop music isn't what it used to be. I know, I sound like the old guy who shouts, "Hey! Get off my lawn!"

    Lately, I've been playing a vinyl album of TERRIFIC songs -- and I recommend you consider pulling one or more off it for your event. "Al Green's Greatest Hits" I don't know anyone who wouldn't enjoy his sweet singing and romantic lyrics.

    1. we're so in sync. I have Al Greens greatest hits on CD and Love & Happiness is already on the Ball's playlist!

  2. Pop music drives me crazy! It's all auto tuned and just not very interesting.

    I used to have that ruffled top in black.

    "me time" is what my weekends are for

  3. Great vid! I have two kids. I am FORCED to listen to pop music by my daughter and my son listens to classic and indie stuff. Some of it is kinda good I gotta admit. I actually find myself singing along with it all. Just wait till River is older and he hijacks your music choices. Should be interesting.... Such a great vid! Thanks!

  4. It was all downhill after Love Shack. I don't listen to music much anymore. I did try with Kings of Leon and Daft Punk, but wasn't that impressed. I suppose I'd have to actually listen to the end of a song...

  5. When I am in the car by myself I listen to a station which plays golden oldies stuff from the 1950s - 1980s. 12 yo makes me listen to more modern stuff, she's educating me. She likes Taylor Swift. Its hard to find music without explicit lyrics too, which is a problem.

  6. Haha awesome, I unintendedly saw Gogol Bordello on a festival some years ago and they were so fun! :)
    I am still up-to-date with pop music more or less, but it's not really what I like to hear. Most songs just make me shake my head... The other day I heard the new Lady Gaga song somewhere going "Do what you want with my body" - ehm seriously? I can already see her 13 year old fans run around singing this as if saying "rape me here and now". Pop music is evil...

    Before I ramble on about this let me rather tell you that I love the combo of the shirt and cardi in outfit no. 1 :)

  7. I think I own that second dress/tunic! Or at least something VERY similar. You have good taste ;)

  8. I know nothing! my daughters play their music and I haven't a clue although Beyonce does rock my world - the Eurovision Song Contest normally gives some gold though x x x

  9. Cute cardigan!

  10. I'm def out of touch with today's pop music and a lot of social media... ha ha I chalk it up to getting older and little wiser ;) I catch the occasional pop song but overall I'm not too crazy about it. i listen to a lot of my fave albums over and over too.

  11. I'm with you. I hate the radio and detest the likes of Niki Minaj and the such. I find them all so vulgar... And the music is total crap.
    Gogol Bordello are great and I love that song!!!!!

  12. Get you sneaking in a cheeky costume change between paragraphs!
    Much to my disgrace I love modern music and still listen to BBC Radio One (the UK's youth driven, popular music channel) constantly. Drum and Bass (Tiny Tempah, Rudimental, Chase and Status), weird world music by Tuareg nomads, old and new Bollywood filmi stuff, Bhangra (Punjabi MC), nu metal (Bring Me The Horizon and Pulled Apart By Horses) as well as old school punk, Madchester (Stone Roses, Charlatans), anything by the Rolling Stones, Northern Soul...I could go on forever! xxx

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