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Thursday, January 16, 2014

it ain't easy being cheesey

When I was a little girl, the first career path I declared I wanted to follow was fashion designer and second, circus ring master.
In jr high, thanks to the release of Animal Planet on satellite TV, I wanted to become a vet. I even studied encyclopedias every morning as I ate my breakfast cereal so I could get a head start on learning about animals. 
After a month or two I got bored with all of that, took up an interest in film. I wrote my first movie script when I was 13 (writing scripts is now one of my hobbies). When I entered high school I was pretty sure that I wanted to go down the film/TV/acting road.
 In ninth grade a career counselor visited my class and asked each student to share what he or she wanted to be when they grow up. The answers were mostly "football coach", "firefighter", "policeman" and "doctor".
When it was my turn to speak I proudly stated, "I want to do the voices of cartoons!"
The career counselor rolled his eyes and said "They hire actors for that. Be realistic."

By senior year, it was time for me to hurry up and make up my mind about a career so I could find the right college. At the urging of my mother I turned away from film, went back to the more "realistic" career of fashion design... and then at the last minute I went with theater.
I finished one year of college and never went back.
Desired career honorable mentions:
Policewoman (true)
Photographer (every girl goes through that phase)
Museum Curator
Rock Star
Magician (or magician's assistant)
Plus sized model
Actual Jobs I've had
Fast food... person
Hotel desk clerk
Museum gallery "attendant" (a guard with a flashlight)
Bank Teller
Cashier at a dollar store
Accounts Verification Clerk at a bank
Ad Typist
Saved the best for last:
A few years ago I was a stock-girl at a discount fashion boutique. From day one, I wasn't allowed to run the cash register or even go behind the counter. I found out later it was because someone told the boss that I was mentally challenged and absolutely incapable of handling money.
I've heard some wild rumors about myself before, but that one tops them all!
So here's a question for you all:
When you were young what was your answer to
"What do you want to be when you grow up?"?
Bonus question:
Have you ever been accused of being retarded??


  1. I've never been called mentally challenged, at least not seriously, but I was treated like I was stupid for a long time. The answer to "what do you want to be when you grow up?" for me was dance teacher, hair dresser and secretary. Yep, shooting real high at a young age. I'm currently an administrative assistant, which I'll count as secretary so, goal achieved! It pays to aim low.

  2. Oh my god I have total been accused of being retarded, more than once! See you are cracking me up right now. I hate that stupid counselor for saying that to you, what an original answer. I went to college for radio, then film, I graduated but it's not like I'm directing films or even writing scripts, I'm impressed! I have written one screen play but that's it and I'm afraid to let anyone read it, can you believe that!

    When I was a kid I wanted to be a actress, how boring, now I just wanna be walking art because my day job bores me to bits(after16 years)

  3. I wanted to be a movie star. Not an actress - a movie star. I never was very realistic, but at least I was never told I was retarded (except by my brother).

    I'm impressed you write scripts for a hobby. Maybe you could serialize one on your blog! Maybe one called Modern Filth. ;~)

  4. I too wanted to be a fashion designer when I was a kid. I wonder if blogger is the next option for us would be fashion designers?
    Many years ago when I was a kid I used to go on holiday to the same place near the beach with my gradnparents. There were plenty of other kids and we all got together every day to play. One of the grandparents once talked to my grandparents saying I wasn't normal because I was too loud when we were all out playing. Apparently I yelled too much for a normal person... lol

  5. After seeing Ike and Tina Turner on TV, I wanted to be an Ikette. I thought those ladies looked amazing! I can't sing a lick, but I can go "yeah, yeah, yeah" and shake my hair. I've never been called retarded, but people used to think I was stupid (I can't do math and can't spell very good(thank you, spell check)) turns out I have dyslexia. Take that haters!

  6. My first career goal was archaeology - grandma laughed and told me it was silly. Then writer - someone else told me I was bad at it. I tried modeling for a while. Now I'm a SAHM looking for work. My ex told me I was stupid and had problems all the time - that's why he's my ex.

  7. I wanted to be a sorceress first (result of reading a lot of science fiction/fantasy novels), then a model
    (my mom actually laughed at that---did wonders for my self esteem), then a writer, then an archaeologist, then a club promoter. The only one of these things I did was club promoter, which lasted for one year before I realized I really wasn't cut out for it. Now I want to be an eccentric middle-aged lady with cats---Score! I'm already there!

  8. For me it was always about art but I wasn't certain exactly what that would be so I went to university and studied Business so that I could administer the arts in some way, and have a chance at making a living in the art world instead of being a starving painter. Then I had school debts to pay off and got a corporate job that had nothing to do with art. I climbed that ladder to the top, hung out there for a while. And then got the heck off it 'cause it was so stressful and not very fun (although I miss the business travel component). And here I am again wanting to be some sort of artist.

    I think doing voices for cartoons is a great idea! And it's so neat that writing screen plays is a hobby of yours.

  9. I wanted to be a hairdresser for years. Then when I got my first part-time job at 16 washing and sweeping up hair, I discovered that all the stylists I met were obnoxious, bitchy drama queens that SHOULD have been waltzing around onstage! I realised that hair salon floors were a poor cousin to the real thing. Then just as I was about to apply for uni to study English Lit, I was preggers with #1 Son. Many years later I did journalism and loved it! Can't believe your school wouldn't support your ambitions coz you should be on the big screen, not just my laptop screen!! I'm convinced I'm retarded. xoxoxo

  10. I wanted to be a teacher (and a writer and a movie star and, yeah, I think I went through a photographer phase). And now I am a teacher (and a writer to a small extent)!

  11. Actress. Helicopter pilot. Air traffic controller. Perpetual arts student. Tortured poet. I never planned on being an admin assistant but it seems I am capable and I have the time and energy to do other stuff like being a union delegate. From your post and the comments it would seem that many school counsellors are not very helpful. I tell my 12 yo she can be what ever she wants. Shes keen on being a professional tennis player, cricketer or going into a trade like electrical or plumbing.


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