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Saturday, February 22, 2014

the legend of Massy Fassy

A few months ago I mentioned that I would like to open up a new Etsy shop to sell my weird fascinators that make. I was working on building up a nice collection and then something happened that brought production to a screeching halt:
Frustrated with the lack of organization in our office, my husband took it upon himself to do bit of cleaning. He started with MY side of the office first. Not realizing (or caring?) that I indeed had my own system for keeping my materials organized, he dumped everything into boxes and storage bins.
Headbands and hair clips where thrown in with the jewelry I have listed on Etsy. Christmas decor was tossed into boxes with unfinished fascinators. Silk flowers smashed down into bags with vintage dresses... I can go on forever.
Since we are very peaceful people, my husband and I rarely argue or raise our voices at each other....but the marathon verbal butt whoopin' I gave him after his little stunt left him too terrified to even LOOK at my craft supplies.
Months later, I've finally settled my nerves enough to try to re-organize everything so I can start back doing what I love to do.

Here's just a little bit of what's to come.
Googly-eyed pom pom hair clips. Aren't they cute?
The kitchen table serves as my work space for right now.

You probably can't tell from the photos, but these flowers are very big and will definitely turn heads. I know that not everyone will dig these fascinators and I'm ok with that. They're not for everyone. Heck, I can't really picture myself wearing one - they're not really my "style" (whatever that is), but I really love making them!
Massy Fassy (short for Massive Fascinator) Coming soon*!
*= ok, probably not. I've still gotta build up stock, have a baby in August and then host a Renaissance Faire in October... so, coming...eventually.


  1. Yes, things can go awry in Whoville, can't they? My usually not at all organized husband decided to get organized while I was out of town and sold SOLD boxes of my stuff because it looked like junk to him. JUNK! My blood pressure is rising as I type this. But we are still *ahem* happily married. And I have accumulated a whole bunch of New Junk. So there! This looks like a pretty fabulous venture you've got going. Lotsa Luck!

  2. Wow, hubby was really taking his life in his hands, sounds like. My husband stays out of my stuff and I stay out of his - thank goodness!

    I love your massy fassies, especially the ones with the lizards (tiny crocodiles?). I don't know if I would wear one, but you just never know. I'm getting sassy as I get older and I may need a sassy massy fassy.

  3. The Doctor know not to touch my stuff. And I don't touch his. That's way we have a 3-bedroom house: his office/workout room and my sewing/crafts room.

  4. A baby? You're having another baby??? Congratulations Hollie xxx

  5. Wow! Lots of cool stuff! And CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy! Preggers ladies unite!

  6. A man that tidies up? That's a rarity! xxx

  7. Why don't you build a shopping mall while you're at it? Talk about multi-tasking... hair things, baby making, Ren Faire preparing... I'm glad your marriage survived the craft cleanup debacle.

  8. how frustrating, even if it was done with good intentions. i'm glad you got started again....your items are adorable!

  9. These are adorable! Good luck with everything, this inspires me to get craft again. And yeah, my small biz antics create friction with my man thing and we don't even live together. It's just the fact that I often have to work when we're together. And of course, the mess ;)

  10. My husband has on occasion tried to 'clean' my stuff--- ummm NO!!!
    Baby #2!!!! Fuck me I've missed a lot! Give me a heads up if you get the fascinator shop up and running and I'll put some on my IG. Lots of traffic there and those are freakin' incredible!!!


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