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Sunday, June 8, 2014

dumber summer

I hate summer. I really do. Too hot. Too humid. Too hot.
And it's hot too.
  Every since me and my husband had a nice long chat about how boring our town is and how desperate I am to get away, we've decided to try harder to find free local family fun to keep us entertained until we can make our move outta here. There's not much to choose from here but something is better than nothing, right?
Saturday, we went to Spring Lake Park for a yum yum summery dinner picnic and also to check out the new "splash pad" that opened last year.
I kept the picnic foods simple this time: fresh honey glazed strawberry with mint, grilled chicken caesar salad, naan and baked potato chips. 

I stayed on the sidelines and took photos while the husband supervised the little dude.
The splash pad was pretty crowded and a lot smaller than I expected but it looked halla fun.
This rooster/seagull looking thing kinda weirded me out.

 After a while I got pretty antsy to venture into the splash pad myself so I did only to discover the water was a little too cold for my taste. As soon as I got doused in ice water by a crazy-eyed zebra thing I bolted out of there. I'll leave the one for the kids.
Only 14 weeks left!


  1. I feel you! I hate summer too! We've had 65% air humidity here in the last days, yuck!
    Aaww little River looks like he had so much fun in the water! Cuuute :D
    As for your belly, wow only 14 weeks left? Time flies!

  2. You look so pretty in that last picture! Not so much in the first one. Good for you for talking to the hubs and making a plan to build your dreams. And you want to get your money's worth out of the Tupperware, so picnics are the way to go!

    I wish they'd had all these water parks when I was a kid. Then again, we just stayed home and turned on the sprinklers. It was cold, but fun!

  3. Even boring places have parks -- and nature is an antidote to the blues. Hope you find joy in your neighborhood.

  4. Oh my. I used to live in a very small town. It was hot in the summer and had more Mosquitos than people so I feeeeel you. I really do. You are looking quite lovely. You make a pretty darn adorable pregnant lady. Xxxooo

  5. Summer is my least favorite season for sure. Looks like your family found a good way to cool off!

  6. Summer is always hard!! Where are you guys thinking to move to?

  7. looks like River had a blast! glad you found some free places. picnic dinner looked good. you have to share the honey strawberry recipe.

  8. You look lovely in that last photo.
    It looks like River and your man had a fantastic time and your picnic looked so good. xxx

  9. Too much heat is crap, too much heat when pregnant is a nightmare, I feel for you - you look fabulous though! gorgeous bump pic, the splash pads are brilliant for the little ones, River and your husband look like they had a fine time there - I love your picnic food, way way posher than mine, the honey strawberries sound delicious x x x

  10. Dang, I want to go on a picnic with you, you always have good eats!

    Yes, that pelican-thingy looks kind of terrifying. I am not a fan of summer either. I positively wilt in the sun.
    And get grumpy. But I do like getting splashed :)

  11. I totally agree with Shybiker, nature is a great antidote to being stuck in a place where you don't want to be. Watching kids in water is hilarious - they seem to immune to the cold and totally in wonder of how the water moves!!

  12. Pretty lady in that last shot xxx

  13. Aww you look great :) the splash pad looks fun but I've gone in one before and you're right they're freezing!!


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