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Friday, June 20, 2014


Here's a brief lookie loo from Father's Day (which was on the 15th).
River got his Daddy a special coffee mug from for a Father's Day gift. Well I bought it, and.... you know what I mean...

Later that day...
With nothing planned for the rest of the day, we decided to try out this fancy kiddie pool that was given to us as a gift a few weeks ago.

The word got out that we were having waterific fun... 
Hello company!
And then this happened:
My husband bought this giant vinyl banner from a company that installs and removes them from billboards. Instead of throwing the banners away, the company sell them for super cheap to be used as tarps and anything else you can imagine.
We used ours as a giant redneck slip-n-slide.
Welcome to the trailer park life.
I hope everyone had a great Father's Day weekend!
See ya laters.
11 weeks left.


  1. What fun - they all look so cute playing, don' they? Hope that last 11 weeks go really quickly for you. x

  2. My pain-in-the-arse computer appears to be playing ball right now, so I just had a look at all the posts of yours I've missed.. Love the pink gloves thing - I need to go and look up that blog.. Picnics are great fun - I can't go past pies and quiches for our picnics, chicken drums and hard boiled eggs, but I have NEVER seen anything like that tinned octopus!! Whaaat?!!
    Love the belly dancing post - I did that for a while. Loved it. Great exercise. (That was way back when I had no kids!!! Those happy hedonistic days!!)
    Hard being preg in the summer - I'm loving the cold weather here at the mo! LOVE that slip and slide - brilliant! xx

  3. What a great mug. He must live it. And you guys sure know how to have fun! That pool is excellent and the slip n slide is epic. Way to go.

  4. Great mug! And that pool is super -- can I jump in?! Please?!!

  5. Oh my gosh. I have such fun memories of our slip 'n slide. We used to aim it down the hill which led into a street! We all spent the summer with skinned knees and elbows and bloody ankles and twisted wrists. Where were our parents? I have no idea. I loved every unsupervised minute of it. That mug is so cute. What a great gift. I'll bet he just loved it!!!! I just gotta tell you, my kids are older, with jobs, where they make money and could actually buy their father a Dad's Day Gift and I'm STILL picking out the gifts. WTF? I'm just warning you. On that cheerful note, Good Luck with the next weeks. You're looking super healthy and tots adorbs! XXXOOO

  6. The slip and slide looks like the best fun and the mini water park too - looks like a blast at your place! I have been desperate to water slide for ever!! x x x

  7. red-neck slip and slide, it's gonna start sweeping the South!

  8. That looks like so much fun! I'd love to have one of those kiddie pools for myself, and I'd even give the slip and slide a try, wearing my old lady swimsuit. Love your sunglasses!

  9. Love the mug! The little water park you created for the kids looks like fun! They are having a perfect summer fun day ... so cute. :-D


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