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Friday, June 27, 2014

flow with me

Rejoice! For I have finally have a short caftan thing!
Ok, well I'm not really all that excited about it. The excitement was just for show. See, I've been wanting some lightweight flowy ethnic dresses for this summer and I found this one on eBay. It came from India, free shipping, low price, blah blah bloo. As soon as I got it I tried it on and it smelled of wet dog and the seams started to pop open at the sides. The dress originally came with a drawstring to cinch the garment under the bust... but on me the drawstring sat above my massive boobs. No amount of pulling and tugging could have made it work, so I just pulled it out. It works out ok and I still like it.
 BUT a couple days ago, I went to Ross Dress for Less to look for a few more summer dresses to tie me over for the next two months, only to find they have tons of these caftan tops in the "one size fits all" section for a few bucks less than eBay. PLUS they smell better and you don't have to wait  to get them. So yeah, I bought more.
  So enough about my smelly foreign garments...
We finally found out Monday.
Sorry, River. I tried to make you a little brother, but I'm just too dang feminine to make another boy.


  1. The expression on River in that photo is priceless! A girl? That'll be a whole 'nother ride.
    That happens to me with clothes too - I'll want something real bad, wait for a sale, scoop it up, and then see it even cheaper next door. Great caftan thing. It looks breezy for summer.

  2. I can't believe how quickly your pregnancy is going. A wonderful. I'm chomping at the bit to see what she's gonna look like. Xx

  3. A Girl!!!! Yay Girl Power. You are going to,have so much fun dressing her up and River is going to,have so much fun being the Big Brother, showing her how to do stuff and your Hub is going to have fun showing off his beautiful girls. Congratulations. I have a boy and a girl. A taxi driver told me that one of each is called a "Rich Man's Family" back in whatever country he was from. So excited for you!!!!

  4. A Girl! Congratulations! what joy! River will be a great big brother! and Kaftan's are the way forward,they are, you just can't beat them x x x

  5. Yay, a girl! Now you'll have a set! Have you got a name picked out?

    I love that caftan - it looks so comfy, but fun and colorful, too. I wasn't going to buy anything new, but I might have to check those out. (If they pass the smell test, that is.)

  6. River's face says it all! He'll get over it. That caftan thingy does look comfy

  7. How exciting about the little girl who is on her way!

  8. Congratulations on your baby girl! I LOVE your caftan. I might have to head out to Ross and get some for myself!

  9. Little girls are way more fun to dress up :) Congrats honey! River will make a great big brother! I think Ross can be a great place to get cheap clothes I mean leggings for $6 are you kidding me???? The mini caftan looks great on you!

  10. Love the caftan on you, you gorgeous hippy chick! Your little girl is going to be one well dressed baby - with an ace brother! x

  11. A girl, how wonderful, you lucky thing, I can't wait to see her, I know she's going to be gorgeous x


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