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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

curly toes

I'm a weird wife with a weird husband that brings me weird gifts.
Our front porch has become a popular hangout spot for toads and frogs at night. I guess it's  because we have the best lighting and the tastiest bugs. The husband brings me cute little baby amphibians every now and then, but this little guy was definitely the tiniest and the cutest of them all. I don't keep the babies; husband just puts them in my hand and lets me squeeeeee over them for a few minutes and then puts them back in the yard to finish up supper.
Speaking of weird... I think there's something growing  in my belly. An alien? A parasitic twin? I don't know know what it is but it's growing rapidly and it makes lazy and super hungry and I crave weird things like cookies and imitation crab....
Did someone say lazy and subject change?
(I'm too lazy to go take photos of the actual hair rollers, so here's the retailers photo instead.) I used to use this style of hair rollers many years ago but I lost them in a move. Now that I'm no longer using unnecessary heat styling on my hair I figured rollers are a good way to go but all the rod rollers like these cost up to $10 for a package of 6! I found these on eBay for $1. YAY!!
 They're not exactly "salon quality" but they get the job done.  My hair even stays curly in this Texas heat and humidity! 
Now if only I can find a cheap product on eBay that can even out my husband's awful farmer's tan. Oh, wait. There is something. It's called THE SUN. I had to beg him to get in the pool shirtless and try to get some sun but the poor man is so modest...
 River, however is not...
Hmmm... I wonder where he gets it from.


  1. Maybe it's the weather, the alien growing in your belly, the men who love you maybe it's all those things and more but you look blissful honey. I don't think I have ever seen you look for colorful and bright and HAPPY! You wear it well. The curls suit you and so do both outfits, you look gorgeous! AS for the farmers tan, you have the right idea, what killer color he has, I wish!

    The last shot of River is super sweet, ah to be a kid again!
    XXOO Happy 4th honey!

  2. You look gorgeous, all glowy! Love the curls xxx

  3. You look gorgeous! I used to use those curlers in the 1980s, I even had my hair permed on them - they worked wonders on your hair, I want to give them another go 'cos I love curls but I think my hair's too long.
    That little frog is adorable as is naked River! xxx

  4. Farmers How gorgeous is your hair curled. I have some of those rod things but I've never used them. You've inspired me to give it a go. Xx

  5. What an adorable little creature. And (big secret coming) I like your hair-rollers. It's always been my wildest fantasy to use hair-rollers. I even bought some once, but my real hair is too short and it'd be silly to use them on a wig.

  6. Haha I love the way you write so much :D Leave your poor husband in peace, that's called royal paleness ;D
    River is such a cuuutie! Yeh I wonder where he gets it from too... ;)

  7. Loving the belly! And that baby butt is so cute!

  8. ha! baby bums are so cute! pool looked fun and refreshing why are you not in it?

  9. I love hair rollers. I had foam rollers and hot rollers, but I think I've lost them in the move (I'm from the south, we like big hair and curlzzzz--or at least we used to. Everybody straightens their hair now!)
    River is the cutest ever.

  10. your curly hair style looks great and it's awesome that it survives the humidity. I love your outfit, the top is very me! ha ha loved the last 2 photos and explanation, lol.


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