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Friday, July 11, 2014

what's that... oh, bye!

It's been pretty slow around here lately. Nothing too spectacular has happened since the 4th of July. Well, I went grocery shopping today and shot a cow with a bazooka. I'm not proud of that last thing but it's something right?
 I jacked up my back a couple days ago (for the fifth time this year) so I've been taking it easy. Lounging on the couch, pimping the Faire, selling crap online and I've even been setting up to start my own temp ironing service. Yup- an old fashioned ironing service!! That all gets launched Monday and I'm actually pretty excited about it. I'll do it until the baby comes in September and then pick back up after the Faire in October.
Entire Outfit under $10
Shirt dress (edit: it's actually blue) - recent hand-me-down from aunt
Pink Chucks - Salvation Army
Yellow handkerchief - Wal Mart
Yeah, I know it's a pretty boring outfit, but it's stupid hot outside now. The less I wear the better. I'd go about in a swimsuit like Miss Vix if I could but I'd probably get arrested for indecent exposure with my hairy legs, lumpy butt and cellulite knees. Yes, it's true. I have cellulite down to my knees.
So, why an ironing service?  It's easy, I've already got the fancy equipment, I like money, I'm a fast worker, I can do it from home,  Etsy sales are slow and when I'm done doing faire work the rest of the day is open.... and did I mention I like to make money?
Speaking of Etsy - I'm closing up shop until next year. I'll be relaunching in 2015 with a new shop. No, it's not my "Massy Fassy" fascinator shop. I had to drop that one for personal reasons (er, lack of organization and confidence). I'd like to keep the new store a secret until I launch it, but I'll go ahead give you two clues because I'm SO excited about it - here's goes: Ethnic and textiles...
That's all I'm saying.
There's really not much left in the store but what is left, I don't want to keep it - I don't need it... so you go buy it.
And here's a little bonus fer ya before I go. More about... THE ROLLAHS. I've been using these long bendy foam rollers for a few weeks now and I'm just plumb addicted to them. A couple post ago you saw the end results but not the process, so here:
I sleep in them...
Take them out...
 Finger comb my hair (and makeup magically appears)...
And then wrap it up! Easy, fast and best of all, no more damaging heat styling and boring ponytails.
Give it a try! You'll love it.
Yeah, so now I gotta go make dinner. Turkey burgers with colby jack, arugula and chard. Yeah, food time!


  1. Ironing, I hate ironing! I wait until everything I own that wrinkles is washed before I'll pull out the board and iron. I always made the students do it! Funny, my Mother took in ironing when I was a kid. You're hair looks like magic. I've been seeing hot rollers at junk shops, but I'm nervous about buying anything second hand that plugs in. Those foam things sound easy

  2. Those rollers are amazing - they do your make-up! And they make you look even prettier than normal. Mind you, I think you're also giving off a glow and that other-worldly I'm-making-a-human-being kind of aura. And you look fantastic in white. Good luck with all your ventures, you dynamo - you deserve it!

  3. Ironing from home, a great idea. I know loads of people here who use an ironing service like yours and ironing someone else's stuff always seems a whole lot more interesting than your own - I love doing my stock but not so much my own wardrobe! Love your hair and that blue dress is very Alice, you look gorgeous. Mind that back! xxx

  4. I love the curls so much!! I am a horrible ironer. But, that actually is a super great way to make some $$$!! Can't wait to hear about the new store :)

  5. Congrats on the ironing business! And good luck!
    And I love how you styled your hair with those rollers:)

  6. You're gorgeous baby!
    girl you're looking fuckin great to be pregnant AND have another small baby.
    excuse my language but babe you are doin it.

  7. I like money too;). I think the ironing biz sounds perfect right now. Your hair is looking sweet with those soft girlie curls, love it! I agree with Vix this dress is so very Alice and with the chucks you are looking adorable!!! Cow bazooka ?!?! You funny!

  8. The ironing service is a brilliant idea, and get's you money too (I like earning money) take it easy on your back though, your rollers! love them! your hair looks gorgeous, and you in your sweet blue dress too - I'm chuffed you will be starting a new venture in the new year, exciting times! x x x

  9. Babes, you gotta be SO careful with your back! Makes life a misery when the old back acts up, and especially with another bun in the oven!
    Love you in look so...virginal and pure! Bahaha! And the hair is gorgeous!
    An ironing service is a magic idea! XXX

  10. In addition to making money, your ironing service will improve the world. Too many people have wrinkled clothes and need someone like you to iron them out. I enjoying ironing and would join you if we lived closer. One of my biggest, oldest, secret-est fantasies is to use hair-rollers. But, alas, I can't IRL.

  11. Poor back! Hope you feel better! Love your baby bump!

  12. Its funny or weird, but I enjoy ironing. If I had the time I wouldn't mind having a little ironing service. Good for you, let us know how it comes along. Love your hair! the outfit is so cute as well! ;-)

  13. Just had to comment on (what I thought at first was your white) dress. Adorable. And the curls. We both have on similar dresses. I guess mine is longer (and white). But otherwise... And your new enterprise sounds perfect. Where do you come up with all these ideas?!


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