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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

little miss sunshine

A huge thunderstorm hit the Ramsey house two weeks ago. Not a real thunderstorm... well, we did have a couple of those. I'm talking a metaphorical thunderstorm - dark clouds, bad news, emotional destruction... and teething.  But no worries, for Little Miss Sunshine has many reasons to smile again!
So what happened?? Tell! Tell! Alrighty then:
My husband lost his job. He was fired and for a really crappy reason too. I don't want to go into much detail but the reason they gave him was perhaps one of the dumbest reasons for firing someone I've never heard of. It was almost as if they fired him, "just because."
My husband was the manager of the trailer park we live in and the perks were pretty darn good: free internet, a laptop for my husband to work from and to have for personal use along with an awesome printer/copier/fax machine, a land-line phone and most of all NO RENT. With no warning his boss came to fire him and they took all of that away. 
Since I manage an Etsy store, 2 websites, a renaissance faire and about 6 Facebook pages, not having the internet and all of that other equipment was, for lack of better words.... just not cool. But we've gotten all of that set back up now. As of this morning we're back online now, we found our old printer in the closet and now I can get back to work!
Oh yeah, it didn't help at all that during all of this, Mister River had four teeth coming in so he was an uncooperative bundle of fussiness and drool.
 I launched my ironing business and so far I haven't gotten any response. I know it's going to take a while for the word to spread, but we could really use a little extra money coming into the house right now, especially with the wee one coming in just a few weeks.
But here's why Little Miss Sunshine is smiling: 
My husband has already found another job and will start this week or the next. Our internet is back up, I have my own business phone and we have enough money to cover our bills and other expenses until the husband's first pay day comes. The storm came and hit us hard but rescue and cleanup happened in a flash!
 Oh yeah, River has bad news to share too. Kiddie pools have been banned in the trailer park... so this is now his summer fun. I think he's coping with it well enough though.


  1. dang, girl! That's a lot of crap on your family. Happy to hear the husband landed another job. You most def are a little ray of sunshine!

  2. Oh, no! Sorry 'bout the bad news. But happy your hubby bounced back so quickly. He must have talents. Hang in there, buddy.

  3. Oh dear me ... that must have been very difficult for you guys to deal with. What a shock. Thank goodness your husband already has another job, and so quickly too. I'm glad to see your pretty smile and am happy that your grey skies became sunny once again.

  4. Dang! You had a hell of a week! Thank goodness your hubby found another job right away. So true what they say that when a door closes, another opens:) Here's to a better week ahead!

  5. Dang! You guys, this is roundabout proof that there are good forces taking care of you. Jerk bosses can't be helped but yay for new jobs. No kiddie pools? What's that about? Anyway, hoses are all the fun we need. Love, love your sunny tunic.

  6. Damn it!! I hate when crappy stuff happens to nice people. You are such an amazing family. You deserve all good things and I'm gonna put that out there in to the universe. Be nice to Hollie and her family!!!!! You are looking so sunny and pretty and healthy. Big Hug!

  7. That sure sounds like a crap storm. I'm SO glad your hubby has another job lined up & you have web access again. The world wide web couldn't continue without your presence! Xx

  8. You know I trip out on this extra hard because my Dad managed the part he lived in until a month before he died. We could have a long conversation about running a park, but his was 55 an older, but if they wanted kiddie pools there would have been kiddie pools dammit! His boss sounds like a real jerk face and I'm gonna call this a blessing in disguise, see he already found something else!
    Teething is the worst, poor River and he can't even drink yet;)
    You look pretty adorable in yellow honey! Can you email your mailing address? I'm at t8nkgirl at g mail....

  9. At least you get to stay in your house, right? Sounds like your cloud definitely had a silver lining - thank goodness! If you have a sprinkler for River he won't miss the pool - I used to LOVE running through sprinklers.

    You know, I remember that clip of your TV interview, and you have such a lovely voice. I bet you could do voice-over work, and probably work from home. Jean of Dross into Gold does voice-overs. Just something to think about, maybe for the future...

  10. How fortunate that your husband found a new job so fast. His old bosses are jerks for firing him for no reason.
    Could you get a yard sprinkler for River to play in? Or a slip -n- slide?
    Love the yellow on you - you look like happiness.

    1. We have a sprinkler but he was so content with the hose we just let him play like that! And thanks so much for buying form my shop! You rock so hard!!

  11. Down but not out, huh? Your husband's boss sounds like an idiot, I'm sure these things happen for a reason and that his new job will make all the difference.
    Looking gloriously cool and sunny in yellow. xxx

  12. Farking hell, what a week! Well, one door closes and another door opens, they say. I reckon hubby's new job will be way better!
    YAY for Little Miss Sunshine's big ass smile!
    And how CUTE and squeezable is River?! OMG!

  13. His boss sounds like a jerk. I'm so glad you're hubby found a new job and doesn't have to answer to that idiot. I really hope your ironing business takes off! River is a cutie with his hose. Best of luck to you!

  14. What a week! it may have been turned upside down but I tell you, you all bounced back brilliantly! your husbands boss does sound like an utter knob but you are always best away from unpredictable people - kiddie pools maybe banned but River is having a hoot with the hose - good luck with the ironing business, hope it picks up x x x

  15. Ugggghhhhh!! Fired for no good reason :( So happy he's found a job already. So stressful. You look gorgeous in the yellow!
    WTF is up with the no kiddie pool stuff?? Sheesh.

  16. Oh crap, if bad things happen they always happen at the same time then right? I'm sorry to hear about all of this but I'm also glad to see that you kept your sunshiny spirit and made it through the down and smile again. That's the right attitude!
    Also I love your yellow dress so much! And River looks so adorable playing with the water :D


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