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Sunday, July 20, 2014

a dreary cheery fiesta

Yesterday, the dark menacing weather was fit for nothing more than a spooky Halloween celebration- not a colorful fiesta.
The clouds were black, the sun was no where to be found and the humidity was a thick 90%.
BUT this is Texas in July. Just as long as the temperature is under 100F, ominous skies at an outdoor baby shower are more than welcome. The only problem the weather created was dreary photos that needed some serious editing. Thank you Picmonkey. I was only able to do so much to brighten the photos, but oh well. You get the point of what's going on here, right?
For those of you just now tuning in, I hosted my own baby shower. Why? Because no one offered. Sad face? Nah. That's not really a big deal to me -  I love throwing parties and I've always wanted to host a fiesta style shindig, so I figured, why not do one for myself?
I set up a "build a burrito" station for our eleven guests. The burrito filling choices were: fajita style grilled chicken, seasoned ground beef, Mexican style rice, shredded cheese, refried pinto beans, refried black beans, sauteed mushrooms, pico de gallo, chopped olives (which every mistook for caviar), sour cream and guacamole. There were also tamales and chips with salsa and queso.....
Since everything was store bought, food setup was pretty easy. All I had to do was open jars or cans, put it into a dish and microwave it if necessary. Easy peasy. Eh, I made the ground beef and sauteed the mushrooms but that's all. During food prep, some nearby construction accidentally cut a water line and the running water went out. That proved to be pretty darn inconvenient for me and the guests had to deal with the whole "If it's brown flush it down. If it's yellow it's all mellow" thing. Totally not cool but we managed to survive the entire party that way.
 So that I wouldn't exhaust myself before the party started at 5pm, I slowly started to decorate the house at around noon. All decor was purchased at the Dollar Tree, the tables were borrowed from our church and the 1950s folding chairs belong to us. I made the Mexican style paper flowers myself. There were more inside but I didn't get any photos of them.
 As bloggers, many of us have to take our own photos at outings which usually results in the complete absence of self in the pics with the exception of that one selfie you managed to sneak off and snap in the bathroom. Does it bother you that you're always the only one taking photos at events and gatherings?  Wouldn't it be nice if you could just sit back and enjoy what's going on and have someone else take the photos for a change?
  I get a little tired of chasing people down, handing them my camera, "Hey! Would you mind taking a photo of me please? I just need one. Yeah, just press that button. OH! while you're at it, can you get me and my husband and my baby too?? Hey! Don't walk away from me! I need photos!! I'm a blogger! Help me!!!"

Yeah, I know- selfies don't always happen in the bathroom...
 And and that's my mom in the middle and my big sister on the right there. I hear tale that we all look very much alike but I don't see it. 
So that was my Saturday. How was yours? Read any good books or killed any endangered animals lately?


  1. Yay! Your shower looked like a huge success! And yeah....I hear yah about having to chase down people to take a pic of yourself in an event. Thank God for timers...hehe...
    I hope you're getting a much-needed rest today:)

  2. Everything looks great. I love the colourful paper flowers! And the food sounds very good indeed. I'm glad you had fun and it didn't rain on your parade ... uhh rather, party.

    I agree about picture taking. I have always been known as the family photographer which means very few shots of myself. Also, since this role began before digital photography, I'm the one who has to find space to store a bunch of negatives and prints!

  3. Muy bueno! The burrito bar is making me hungry - what a great spread! Love the flowers and all the colors, and yes, you do look like your mom and your sister, at least a little. River is growing like a weed, or a sunflower, reaching for the sky!

  4. I'm kinda mad no one threw you a baby shower! You made a killer fiesta for sure, but wtf?!? I love those tissue flowers, muy Bonita! Your mom and sis do look like you, you look the sweet sister:). I love the picture of the three of you together. If I lived by you honey I would have thrown you one sic shower:). The burrito station is genius and yummy!

  5. Fun party! I love the "make your own burrito" idea. River is getting so big and handsome! And you do look like your mom and sister - all gorgeous.

  6. Your Mum looks so young! All three of you look alike - gorgeousness runs in the family! Glad you had a fantastic party! xxx

  7. I want to build a burrito! I want a cupcake! And your baby bump remains super-duper cute!

  8. I loved your photo comment lol! I literally just did that this weekend too at Anna's birthday party. People look at you like you're stupid or something lol. :P By the way, I hosted both of my baby showers too! That's because we BOTH rock! :D

    Loved the theme and the flowers! AND THE COLOR!!!!! Gah, happy baby shower weekend lady! <3

  9. You, your Mum and your sister are gorgeous, you are all so alike! it's a beautiful photo! the fiesta baby shower looked awesome, I would have behaved myself and not gone face first in the burrito bar - I'm so glad the weather behaved too! x x x

  10. Well, it's obvious that your a hottie and you get it from your momma! Great party!!! I really wish sometimes all of us bloggie friends were closer so we could hang. I feel you on the always taking pics, but never in the pic situation--sucks!

  11. This party is so colorful & nicely decorated!!
    I def agree- I usually notice that im not in any of my pictures while im in the process
    of uploading lol


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