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Saturday, July 5, 2014

the blah of July!

Ok, so there's really not much need for me to fully narrate what's going on these photos. 
You all know what's going on. So here:
Blah, blah, blah family and friends. 30 weeks pregnant blah blah blah.  Food, blah, blah. Yeah! 
...patriotic nails blah blah, blah... and then... blah blah blooooo.
Right? So, blah blah blah newborn baby blah, blah, so tiny. Tee hee, blah blah.
 Trailer park blah blah blah, American pride blah blah, blah blah blah 4th of July. And blah. Blah blah hate blah blah summer. But of course I blah blah blah. Always!
 Blah, blah, blah, blah, blue skinny jeans blah patriotic wonk wonk wonk River.
 ... blah wonk wonk blooooooooooo daddy blah smile - America.
 BBQ and hamburgers blah blah grilled blah yummy blah blah bleh.
 And then blah blah blah blah with the blah blah sparklers... kids everywhere blah blah blah dangerous blah blah, stayed away.
 Blah! USA!!! Blah blah blah, mediocre poorly planned fireworks show. Blah blah fireworks setting on camera blah blah? Blah artsy!

 So blah blah blah hormonal blah blah clean the house. See? America blah blah Brits? Canadians? Blah! Blah blah wonk.


  1. fun times! cute nails too! love River's outfit!

  2. omg your southwest harem pants are so gooooood!!! Awwww, u know BBQ & fireworks are fun :)

  3. That's the best blah day I've ever seen! The fireworks photos are like art. Blah fantastic!

  4. haha, you're hilarious! Looks like it was a great time. And River is the cutest in his little 'big boy' outfit.

  5. That sounds like the best Fourth of July ever! You have really cut your blogging style to the bare bones, but it works.

    I love your fireworks photos.

  6. Blah-dy good fun. You can blah all you like xxx

  7. ha ha ha the photo captions are KILLING me, lol. your fourth of july looked anything but blah ;)

  8. You blah so well! I love it! and loved the gorgeous pics too x x x

  9. haha, or blah blah. Lovely fireworks. I was in S. Carolina so I stayed indoors, the untrained setting of things that explode scares me.

  10. Enjoyed the cute pics of the babies! Love River in the outfit , so adorable. It looks like you had such a good time! I love fireworks! :-D


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