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Sunday, September 28, 2014

three blind mice

So what's up with it ya'll? Me? I'm sleep deprived, I'm stressed,  I'm cranky, I smell weird and often times I have a plastic cup of wine in my hand well before dinnertime. My faire is THIS weekend and the non-profit we've partnered with is not holding up their end of the deal. Their job is to advertise the faire with TV and radio spots, print ads, etc... the faire is this upcoming Saturday and that hasn't been done yet.
So, yep, I'm stressed out. This is my biggest event of the year, it needs to bring in over 3,000 people to get get in the black and it has barely been advertised!  I'm frustrated and my partners are about to get a roundhouse kick to the face straight Chuck Norris style.
UGH! This is why I like to work alone. See? This is the face of a loner. I'm cute. I know.
Faux silk (polyester) shirt dress - Ross Dress for Less
Chucks - Salvation Army
Well, for a brief moment everything was made aaaaall better when I got this wonderful package from cutie pie Canadian blogger Miss Skip to My Lou from the blog LouLou Downtown. Weee!!!
Included in the package: a gorgeous little sweater for Cedar crocheted by Lou herself with a matching flower brooch for me, a beanie pup for River and a super tea-rrific tea towel!

Cedar Girl was baptized this Sunday. I gave my camera to my mother-in-law to snap a couple of pics for us but I failed to tell her not to zoom in on the camera... so we got really poopy pics. 
Someone shared this pic they took. YAY!

Cedar wore a vintage handmade gown that was included in a trash bag full of baby clothes someone gave us and this adorable bonnet I got from China on Ebay for $2. Her regular dress (below) also came from Ebay. It came with another cute little white dress - two dresses for 99 cents! WIN!
And here's our best attempt at a family portrait.
I've got a weird eye thing going on. River looks like he ate a bee and Cedar just isn't feeling it.
So that was my week, How's it going with you all out there? Are you wearing proper undergarments and taking your vitamins?


  1. Sorry to read about the faire setbacks:( Sigh...I'm sure everything will turn out great, but I feel for yah. Planning an event like this...I can only imagine the stress!
    Anyhoo, Cedar and the whole fam looked great during the baptism:)

  2. Family portraits are not supposed to be satisfying so you can tell stories about them later but Cedar is angelic in her christening gown. Yeah, you go with your Chuck Norris styling chopper kicks. You still have some time left. Your under-$20 outfit is great! I love this blue on you.
    And the gifts from Lou are absolutely beautiful and heartwarming.
    Hang in there this week!!

  3. don't know ho you manage two tiny kids and organising a fair, no wonder you're stressed. I'd be downing wine for my breakfast.
    That cardi Lou made is precious and the tea towel is gorgeous. xxx

  4. I wish I could kick your fellow faire partners in the arse. Extra stress you don't need when your hands are so full. Cedars baptism looks lovely. What cute wee frocks. Take care during this hectic time. Xx

  5. Oh my Cedar Girl is just beautiful. My sister is pregnant with a little girl and I can't wait to spoil her :)
    I'm sorry you'e so stresed at the moment, it is so frustratin when people let you down. Keep pushing on and I'm sure you're faire will be a success. I will be back to see lots of pictures.

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  6. awwhh, everytime I seen the new family pictures. I get stressed just reading about the faire, let alone doing anything about it. let's go back and look at those pictures...awwhh...

  7. Wow, for someone who is as stressed as you must be in these pictures, with all that is going on, you look remarkably as cool as a cucumber! It's great to see the sweater on Cedar ... Now I completely get the scale of how tiny a new baby is. She is so cute. You all are.

    Good luck with the final stages of the faire!

  8. poo to your "helpers". I'd be grumpy too.

    Good luck with the faire, if I didn't live 10 hours away I'd show up.

  9. I like to work alone too. That way, when you don't get the work done the only person you have to blame is yourself lol.
    Cedar is sooo cute. I think it's adorable how River looks like you & Cedar looks like her dad to me.

  10. I can tell now you're gonna love buying baby girly clothes! That hand-crocheted cardi is wonderful, and Cedar wears it like a proper diva! Your family pictures are just fine - you are all beautiful (no, you're cute).

  11. Yes, I always wear a solid pair of pants anyways, back to you! I don't know how you do it, you are flaming awesome - I'd be totally pissed off with the partners too, I hope the roundhouse Chuck kick does something to move it all along - the Christening looks beautiful and the most adorable Cedar, her dresses (and the crochet cardigan) are sooo pretty and family portraits? your one is my favourite type, natural x x x good luck with the fayre x x x

  12. Love this post, there's a plastic cup of wine in my hand right now ;) All I have is a cat, again, rejoice in all you can do with a baby in tow right now. You are awesome.

  13. Currently I'm pantie free and tweaking on coffee, but hey! Sorry about the lack of support from your partner that blows! I still wish you all the best! Love the handmade sweater for Cedar so beautiful! You do look pretty despite all this crap!

  14. I'm a loner, too. I hated group projects in school!

    anyway, I hope they do what they said they would. Major bad of them if they don't :( So sorry for the added stress that brings!

  15. I love this blue dress and congrats to baby! Such a lovely cape!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  16. It's no surprise you're stressed! You have a tiny baby! (A very cute tiny baby.)

  17. I love Cedar is her dresses and sweater, so stinkin' cute! You look great in that blue dress. Some real bs happening with that non-profit not advertising :(


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