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Monday, October 6, 2014

ye olde blogge post

Hallo mein lieblings! Can you guess what this post is going to be about? Hm? No? I'll give you a hint. Ok, no I won't. I'll just tell you: It's about my faire. For those of you who are new to my blog, I am the founder and director of my town's annual renaissance faire. I have a very tiny staff and I am a bit of a control freak about how my business is ran so I do most of the work. I'm the executive director, merchant manager, entertainment director, head of marketing and advertising, webmaster - you get the point. This two-day event takes months of preparation and it's totally worth it.
Our faire isn't like other renaissance faires. We are very new and very small and because we do not own land to build a faire upon, we rent out city's fairgrounds. It's quite a challenge to turn such a modern setting into a 16th century village but we do our best and the patrons seem to be pretty pleased with our efforts.
Instead of hoops and crinoline and froo froo frills, I went for a more comfortable gypsy inspired look. I started working on a "Gypsy Queen" outfit but I was unable to finish it due to some financial issues so I'm actually wearing an incomplete costume. Along with the bodice and red top, I was supposed to wear layers of  25 yard skirts and tons of tribal jewelry and even a crown but the new baby and my husband's brief unemployment period kind of stomped on our costuming budget this year. 
Right now I'm still pretty exhausted from the loooooong days on my feet. My c-section site is achy, the soles of my feet feel like they're made of wood and I have a huge blister on my pinkie toe (no- my entire toe IS a huge blister). My house is a wreck and there's boxes of faire decor piled up in the kid's nursery but mama needs a break. So here I am, relaxing in the smell of dirty dishes doing what I love to do. Blogging and being sexy.
So anyways. Here are a few photos I took at the faire. I haven't gotten our photographer's photos in yet, but I'll be sure to share the good pictures with you all when they come in.
In their booth they showed children a bit about how pearls are formed.

Aching for a bit of water, the mermaids took over our dunking booth game. Dunk the Monk became Dunk the Mermaid!

And one lucky little lad got himself some mermaid kisses!

 My little gypsy boy in his authentic Turkish costume. $10 ebay find. Yeah!

 Visiting royalty from Middlefaire renaissance faire in Hillsboro, TX.

My gypsy camp is getting better every year!! 

 Me and some very awesome ladies that help me with the faire.
 My cast and crew is growing SO much!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Now I'm off to go do a bit of blogger stalking to see what you foxy ladies have been up to. See ya round!


  1. Yay! You look great. Hope you had fun. I wanna be a mermaid!

  2. Fantastic! It looks and sounds like it was a very good time. So many great costumes including yours and River's.

  3. I think your outfit is pretty spectacular, actually. I especially love the headpiece. Congrats on another successful year. It sounds and looks like a lot of work!

  4. I'm glad you got through it and enjoyed the faire, despite the payback on your body. Your outfit was spectacular. Even without your planned extras you look fabularse. Xx

  5. Wow! Awesome job, Hollie. You did this after just having a baby! You're a rock star:)
    Thanks for sharing the pics. That mermaid is cool.

  6. Absolutely fantastic, so much effort with all the costumes and organisation. You are incredible. x

  7. shh, your costume was done, that's how it's suppose to look. You did good, screw the dishes, take a break!

  8. You made it! And you look great, as always. The mermaids are fantastic, excellent idea!

  9. Such awesome coszimes! Love the pics, looks like you had so much fun! I love the idea of mermaids in a real mini pool! :)

  10. Blogging and being sexy - bwa-ha-ha. You certainly do both so well!! I'm relieved to see your with a huge smile. I know you had been fretting so, YAY! Your outfit is awesome and the mermaid tanks looks like a whole lot of fun. Everyone looks spectacular in fact. Congratulations. What would your town do without you? Awesome!

  11. You are a freaking super woman you know that! I love your half done outfit, you look sexy and I think comfort is a good thing for you right about now. I think the gypsy tent is where I'd spend all day, such beautiful costumes, but the mermaid dunk tank, brilliant! You should be very proud of the hard work you put into this, you can tell you love it!
    River looks sweet in that Turkish outfit too!

  12. what fun and what a great job and transformation. keep it up and that town is lucky to have you and your planning skills.

  13. Mermaids! They look magical. Mind you, everyone else does, too. River looks fantastic in his Turkish costume with his hand-decorated tambourine and fuzzy toy backpack! I'm glad everything went well, and I hope you got a few dubloons profit this year.

  14. Looks like you guys had a nice turn out! The outfits are really nice :)

  15. Wow! You did it! You look great in your gypsy creation, and so does River as a young Turk. It looks like everyone really got into the spirit of it all. Mermaid dunking was brilliant.

  16. You look radiant in your costume. :D I especially love the net in your hair.

    I cannot fathom running all of the logistics of a faire like you do. Hope everything was great and that you get some well-deserved rest.


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