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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

namaste, ya'll

Last night me and the husband and baby girl went to a lovely little performance at Texarkana College. River wasn't invited to come. His behavior is AWFUL at concerts so someone usually has to stay out in the hall with him and miss out on everything - so this time we just spared ourselves the trouble and left him with a sitter.
The concert was "Footprints in the Heart: Celebrating the Divine Soul-Mate through Dance and Music" featuring performers from India. The city I live in is very basic when it comes to entertainment. We get the usual: circuses, rodeos, plays, car shows, etc - so this kind of entertainment is RARE. We made dang sure not to miss out on this golden opportunity.
We got there a few minutes late - so the performance had already started. Or so we thought. There was a woman singing jazz favorites accompanied by piano. I thought: hm, ok - opening act? Jazz? That's not what I'd choose for the opening act of an Indian concert but oh well. After the woman's sixth song I began to think that perhaps we were at the wrong event. But I looked around and saw all the glittering saris (another rare sight in Texarkana)  and concluded we must be in the right place. What the *bleep* is going on?
Turns out the jazz singer was a last minute time-filler. The performers had been delayed by several hours, luggage lost, bad weather - the works. So when they arrived in Texarkana they had to hit the ground running. No sound check, no warmups - just go! Poor things! But they pulled it off wonderfully.

 This dancer's luggage was lost at the airport so she had to scramble to borrow clothing for her performance when she arrived. You'd never be able to tell as she looked absolutely perfect in her shimmering orange sari loaner.

 Little Cedar Girl slept through the whole thing, probably lulled blissfully by the amazing Hindi music.
Since we were running super duper late I didn't have the time to dress in anything spectacular. I just threw on whatever didn't need ironing... and my Krista necklace!
I did, however, get to wear my new shoes for the first time!! Brand new $6 tasty ankle boots from I wasn't paid to pimp the website. Just sharing cheap awesomeness. You'll probably be seeing a lot of these shoes as they are one of the few pairs that fit since my feet grew a whole size over the past year.
And here's Cedar Girl in her thrifted $2 outfit picked out especially for her first concert. (She's not upset. Just stirring in her sleep.)
And then... well - yeah. That's all. Ok, I'm going to go eat some waffles now. Bye! 


  1. Aaaw little Cedar looks so adorable in her rainbow dress! Love your yelow tights too! You both were so colourful, how perfect for an event where the artists wear saris in all colours of the rainbow too! <3

  2. I love Indian dance! What a treat! Hilarious about the jazz, though!!!
    Cedar is such a gorgeous name, and such a little cutie! Congratulations! XXX

  3. Ohhhh! I love Indian music and dance and clothing. I hope that beautiful little Cedar is soaking it all up. Before you know it she'll be begging you for a sari. Love your new shoes.

  4. I love the colorful saris, sounds like a really nice show. Cedar girl looks so super cute too!

  5. What a fab night out, I loved your Facebook photos. Loved your outfit, the sari and bag and those killer tights! Little Cedar is adorable. xxx

  6. That sounds and looks like it was a great concert. Must have been excellent to be there. By your shots, they got a decent turnout! And I'm with Vix ... Cedar is adorable (as are you :)) xo

  7. that's show biz for ya. Show up and put on a show.


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