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Thursday, October 9, 2014

to market, to market...

Welp, since I don't have the pro-pics of the faire to share today, I guess I'll just show off what I got there instead. And here's a brief rundown for the newbies to my blog: I direct an annual renaissance faire. You caught up now? Awesome sauce.
I got this massive drinking horn for myself. It's a little too manly for my taste but I really needed something large to drink from at the faire.
The rule at my faire (and every faire in the world) is you must drink from period appropriate vessels. That means no soda cans, no plastic bottles or styrofoam cups. Why? Er, it's a renaissance faire. Think about it. I ordered a small drinking horn online for the faire this year but when I took my first sip of water from it I just nearly gagged from the powerful odor coming from it. It was like taking a cow fart to the face. I was advised by the expert horn makers there to cease drinking from it immediately as it was probably not properly cleaned by the maker. I could have been drinking poo water!
None of the merchants had the style of tankard I was looking for to replace my stinky horn with, so I got this larger, prettier horn instead. It's 100% hand crafted, strap and all. Would you drink from a cows horn? What about a putrid cow horn?
Next up is a handmade lucet given to me by a merchant. A lucet was a tool used by vikings for cord-making. I haven't the slightest clue of what to do with it but I know there are lots of tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest.
This adorable tiny fluffy pettiskirt was a gift from another merchant. She just so happen to be selling tiny fairy wings as well so we dug through piles of wings and found the perfect pair that matched the skirt. I can't wait to put little Cedar girl in this! 
I got a fresh new replacement for my ratty old black fan. Neat.
This sculpture is a flower made from a barbecue grate. The merchant I bought this from sold weapons and home decor made completely from scrap metals. How neato is that? I wouldn't think scrap metal crafts would do well at a renaissance faire, but the merchant said he made a killing.
And... what's this? You guessed it. YARN! Ok, well it's more than just yarn. It's a pair of hair falls.
Hair falls are a great alternative to wigs and hats. They come in all kinds of styles and materials from plastic to ribbons. On the left I'm wearing just one on a bun. On the right I'm wearing two for a fuller look. The most common way to wear them is to put your hear up in two high buns on either side of your head and place a piece on each bun. You can even mix in your own hair or dreads for a more "natural" look. Since I already had a headdress for the faire I wore these on my belt so I don't have pics of myself wearing them. Sorry to disappoint. 
Here's a good example photo featuring the lady that made the ones I'm wearing.
So that's it for my faire buys. I'm going to go do... other... stuff. Bye!


  1. Nice buys. Can't wait to see a picture of Cedar in the skirt and wings! While I've never thought of it before, I don't think I would drink from a cow's horn. I'd be a tankard girl all the way!

  2. Great buys! Love the drinking horn. The people at folk festivals here tend to favour pewter tankards, your looks is way cooler. the hair fall looks brilliant! x

  3. I can't wait to see Cedar in her little purple tutu with the fairy wings!

  4. That horn gives me horn:). Love all your stuff and I think Cedar will look so dang sweet in her outfit! I made yarn hair things one year and I still have them, so fun!

  5. So digging those hair falls! They're perfect for Halloween:D And sorry to hear about the stinky horn, but your haul from the faire are great.

  6. Hehe thanks for your comment, I'd always share a coffee with you :)

    Wow your hair looks so cool! Pirate dreadlocks! These are some pretty cool buys in general. i can't wait to see the wings and skirt on your little baby girl :)

  7. Yea, ix-nay the cow horn, I'd rather cup my hands. The yarn braids look too fun and so does the fairy wings and tutu. Look forward to seeing Cedar modeling her new duds.

  8. That smelly drinking horn is f@cked up!! I love the yarn hair so much!


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