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Sunday, October 19, 2014

come hide with me

Before I get started on this post, I'd like to point out that I'm not posing in this photo. My husband took a pic of me talking and scratching the corner of my mouth at the same time. I'm just so stinking adorable that it came out looking like this. Saaaarcasm.  And forgive my weird muscly Popeye the Sailor Man forearm. I'm a very  um.... athletically built woman and I have to be very careful with my poses or else I'll look like - well... this. 
Athletically built - I guess the sport in my case would be sumo wrestling...
Is this better? I have been told that I am rather intimating with my Samoan-esque physique. I'm 5'6, well over 200 lbs and I have the natural build of a heavyweight boxer. I can't help it! Even in my thinner days I was still a larger muscular woman. She Hulk smash!!! ROAR!! Me nice like a kitty. See?
Sooooo moving on. Here's what I wore to church this morning. Heck yeah I wear sundresses in the fall.
Outfit Under $25
Dress: Ross Dress for Less
Leggings: Walmart
Boots: Hand-me-downs
NEW (to me) embroidered bag - Salvation Army
NEW (to you) necklace - Ebay for $4!!
Sugar skull ring - Ebay 99 cents.
Red gem ring - FOUND!
River's outfit was pretty spectacular today. The top and bottom are from
Never heard of it? Good. Thinking about signing up? DON'T unless you've got $30 a month to waste for a "free" monthly outfit. Ugh. Dang fine print.
 And here's what I'm into these days:
 This LA Colors brand nail polish: $1 a bottle and it comes in pretty bangin' colors. YEAH! Er, sorry for my gross cuticles. I personally don't care that they're shredded, but I am sorry if seeing them offends you...
I'm not sorry.
Yeah I am.
No, I'm not...
 Now that I'm 100% healed up from the c-section, I'm getting back into dancing to shake off the baby weight... er and the weight I gained from the first baby too. I've already lost 3 lbs in a week. YAY! Sadie Marquardt and tribal fusion belly dancer Rachel Brice have been my virtual coaches. Oh Sadie! Isn't she gorgeous!
Oh yeah. A couple of posts ago, I wrote about my buys from the faire. Well, I forgot two things: this handmade wall hanging - very appropriate for me as a dancer and drummer...
 ...and this gorgeous Indian umbrella. It was a steal at $15!
And lookee who's learning to smile! 
She's not very good at it yet, but when she does give me a little grin I'm all butter in the knees!
And before I go, here's a tasty treat fer ya:


  1. Your kiddos are just too cute, Hollie. And seriously....reading your posts always me LOL.:D

    PS I'm so digging that umbrella!

  2. Yes, Connie's right, your kids are adorable and they would be with you as a mum!
    Sadie is gorgeous, if I get that video will I turn into her? xxx

  3. That is a great umbrella! And nice find on that ring.

  4. You look like the finest sumo wrestler I have ever seen. I think this outfit is super cute on you honey as is River's. I have an umbrella similar to that and I love it, you got a super deal! Smiles will be showered on you soon enough from that lil beauty!

  5. You all look gorgeous! I love the umbrella. I am 5' 6" and have a large build---I've had a lady literally tell "You've shoulders like a professional linebacker!" She did not mean it as a compliment.

  6. Husband taking my photos is why I got a tripod. LA Colors from Dollar Tree? I'm wearing eyeshadow from them right now. It's great stuff. Love the umbrella, too.

  7. Very cute outfit on you and River! Love your umbrella. Cedar is such a cutie !!

  8. Don't apologize for having muscles. Love them! :D


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