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Sunday, January 18, 2015

...and now he's two.

Well, he's almost two. River's birthday isn't until the 20th but for the past couple weeks, he's been giving us a very thorough demonstration of what's to come for the next 12 months.
They don't call them the "terrible twos" for nothing.
What's making it so hard for us (and him) right now is that he can't talk. Is it his hearing? Nope. He can hear you unwrap a Twinkie a mile away. What's his deal? Dunno.
So, because he can't talk, but has a lot to say, this is how he communicates:
In this particular photo he was extremely upset because mama wasn't delivering those little cupcakes fast enough. 
River's party was supposed to be gothic circus themed... BUT... um, I kind of  forgot about his birthday until just a few days before and had no time to get things ready. Awful, I know. Shake your head at me, wag a finger. Shame, shame, shame on mama. 
It wasn't that I forgot his birthday - I just plain forgot what month we're in right now. 
I decided to go for an arty party. Nice and easy, cute and cheap. I put river to work with finger paints and crayons and used his art as party decor.

Soooo that's all for now. There are still strings of cheap plastic pennants and paper chains all over the place. It's the day after the party and I just plain don't feel like cleaning anything. I don't wanna clean anything ever again and you can't make me!
Ok. Bye.


  1. Love love love that you used his artwork as decor!

  2. So cute that you used his artwork.

    Now run faster and get some more mini cupcakes woman!!!


  3. What a clever idea to use his artwork for decor. Cute b-day party! You need to frame the last pic of the family, its so good!

  4. Advanced Happy Birthday to River:) And I love how you used his art work for decor:D

  5. Your kids are so lucky to have such a fun mommy. And Dad looks like he's pretty fun, too. Just so's ya knows, my son didn't say a real word until he was three. I actually had him tested cuz I was worried but he's fine. In fact, he's all grown up and sings in a surf-punk band. Maybe River's just waiting to sing!

  6. River looks like a first-class screamer, alright. He also looks very artistic - not only your party decor, but also his high-chair (and I saw the car windows in that other post). Artists are allowed to be demanding, but usually after they've started earning the big bucks.

    You look like a mellow mom - such a beautiful smile!

  7. He's a little genius artist! I love how you put so much effort into preparing this party. No, you never have to clean ever again. Your family photo turned out great!

  8. Happy Birthday for tomorrow River! kids do what they want to do when they want to do it, one of mine would still be in the pram if I hadn't got rid of it - the party looked awesome btw! River's artwork is fabulous and cleaning? nope don't do it, shall we sit down and have cake instead? x x x

  9. Love the family photo! So gorgeous! The party looked super cute---you're such a good mama!

  10. Happy birthday River! Looks like you had a great party. You look gorgeous and as cool as a cucumber. Love the family photo.

  11. Happy Birthday to River! I just love the photo of you holding the cupcakes and your smile is brighter than the candles and his is all screwed up and crying - perfect timing.

  12. Oh my gosh, he's 2 today! Happy birthday sweet boy! What a perfect birthday party! I totally do better throwing stuff together last minute, rather than having months to plan and stress over ideas, ha ha!

  13. Happy Birthday sweet boy!! Lucky kid he is :)

  14. Awww happy birthday to the big boy!
    he's too cute! looking like his mommys twin!

  15. Great post! I can't wait to share this on my round up


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