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Sunday, January 11, 2015

ice claw

It's cold as you-know-what here and I'm loving it! You know what else I'm loving? Taking donuts with me to eat on the road while I run errands. I'm also loving farting out crappy generic posts on my new frugal-living-mom-blog. Yeah, it's not just a mom blog anymore. It's a frugal living mom blog now. Why? Because I know a lot about being poor frugal. Anyways, I've just been making quick daily posts on there to try to catch some attention and it's kinda fun. I know it's going to take a while to build an audience so I'm just going to do what I do best: blog and boogie oogie oogie.
I've been checking out super popular mom blogs and the most successful ones all have a theme: DIYing or home schooling or parenting advice or kids fashion or "hippie" living - "hippie" usual means vegan on those blogs. Nothing more. Not groovy people at all. Just vegans.
So I decided I need focus on one thing for my blog and that's frugal living. Neat.
So, moving on I'm all layered up to go do mom stuff, you know like, grocery shopping and killing vicious predatory hawks with crossbows.
Gotta protect my youngins.
I'm layered in an assortment of hand-me-downs and clearance rack garments.
Oh! And my sew fantastic wristwarmers made by Pao of Project Minima.
Me also be rockin' a bare face, double mini buns and Kuchi tribe earrings. Why do I wear these earrings all the time? you might be asking yourself. The coins you see on the earrings are real so the earrings are very very heavy. They weigh my ear holes down for effortless and gentle stretching to help me get to the my next (and final) size.

While out running errands I swung by an outdoor flea market. It's um.... yeah.
 I didn't go to shop, I went so River could get some fresh air an run about a bit. A few minutes into our visit I totally started to regret my decision to go. I failed to realize the flea market would be full of stuff River can't touch or drag along with him or take home so.... he had a full blown screaming bloody murder making strangers stare hissy fit.
Embarrassed, I grabbed him up and raaaaaaan to the car to hurry up and get outta there. Then we got to the grocery store and all was fine once he was able to "drive" the cart about.
And then when I got home, my husband presented me with the claw of a prehistoric beast made completely from ice. He slaughtered it himself and we ate it for dinner that night.
Ice dino soup.
That'd be just water.
Ok, we're not THAT poor.

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  1. Ohhh Lyla loves riding in those carts. I have no idea what kind of blog I have. I'd say yours is well rounded, definitely. Funny, real, and spontaneous. I'm a vegetarian that writes sometimes about homeschooling but you will not catch me ever DIYing. I also don't give parenting advice because I don't really have any hahaha.

  2. You have a beautiful family. <3 Your children are precious! I laughed so hard at that crayon photo. My goodness. o_O I think you have a beautiful, eclectic style, as well. I love the mix of colors and patterns you used in this outfit! Also, thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment for me! I really appreciated it! I enjoyed flipping through your blog! Stay sweet!

    - Anna

  3. Hey, if you're shooting hawks with crossbows, I hope you're cooking them because that sounds pretty darn frugal. And you're not doing the vegan-hippie mom blog thang.

    I will check out your mom blog because you are so entertaining! And you admit you have a screaming kid as well as donuts when you run errands (frugal day-old donuts?).

  4. You look far more hippy-chic than those lame bloggers who buy $500 coats from Free People and eat vegan-gluten-sugar free. They aren't hippy, they're mainstream wannabes. xxx

  5. Hollie....just keep doing your thing! I love what you write on your blog:D TBH, I don't read a lot of those popular mom blogs coz I just can't relate. Seriously....I don't know how some of these peeps find the time to do all that organic "I grow my own veggies and still wear fab designer items" stuff with kids!

  6. You are always an entertaining read, my friend! Frugal living sounds like an excellent theme for your mom blog. Being a frugal, albeit child free, person myself, I can relate. And now I must get out there and slaughter me an ice-claw.

  7. That does look like an ice monster claw! The claw of a Yeti perhaps? A very lost Yeti if it got all the way down to Texarkana!!

  8. and you crafted that cross bow from re-purposed stuff you found on the side of the road, right?

  9. I wanna drive the cart!
    I echo Vix's comment. And you have a sense of humour which is FREE and it's the best part of all. Your wristwarmers are gorgeous and I love the photo of you in the car (a frugal Bentley) with your Jackie O sunglasses.

  10. Hey, those wrist warmers look good on you! Can't believe I gave them up. But I never could've made them work like you do. You styled them perfectly with your Mom running errands while eating donuts and shooting hawks ensemble. I luv your day in the life of Frugal Mom. And thanks for the honorable mention too.

  11. Love the fingerless gloves from Pao!!! Girl London wants a pair and they are always to big--for adults and not kids! Great earrings!!!! Love Kuchi jewelry :)

  12. You look great in that outfit. Your blogs are always so entertaining and fun. I look forward to them all the time. Your so clever. I don't think I could survive in Texarkana after seeing the flea market! :-)

  13. Hollie! You are so funny. And I am an actual former real life hippie so I know. Vix kinda nailed. She is so wise. And so are you, frugal fricken hysterical gorgeous awesome mom.

  14. Is it wrong I souped up my daughters cross-bow to make it more powerful? (ok, it's not real, and shoots sucker darts, but still it was a wimpy mess, ha!) anyhoo, I loves your blog, you are an actual real person, like me, an actual real person, and that's how I likes it! I love Rivers' creative window, he's a total cutie, his Mama is totally gorgeous too x x x

  15. Ha ha! This really made me laugh. Especially the crayon on the window. Thank heavens you have donuts to soothe your soul. I think I might have eaten an entire bag on my own during all of this.

    Those earrings are INSANE!!!


  16. It's time to vote on Share in Style, dear friend.

  17. You have ice dinosaurs where you live????? Ooooooooh, wow, now that is impressive!


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