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Sunday, July 26, 2015

cheddar cheese and dog training

I'm not feeling this outfit.
What kind of look is this?
 Bohemian soccer mom?
The trendy yoga instructor?
But behold. My second pair of pants in years!
 I got these pants from Ross Dress for Less a couple days ago. I love them - they're all tribal and baggy and stuff. They're long pants, supposed to look like harem pants but um... I fill them out too much. So I just hiked them up at the knee and theeere ya go.
Since I'm not a fan of separates -you know tops and bottoms kind of stuff - I didn't really have a top to go with my pants. I've um... "outgrown" a lot of my clothes (like you haven't noticed). So all I've got left are a few tank tops and this boring shirt I got from my first trip to an H&M during my first (and only) voyage to New York a couple years ago.
So why so fat lately? Well...
Our second car is down... again so I've got no transportation during the day. Every time we get one car fixed, the other one goes out. This has been going on for a year! So, I spend most of my time in front of the computer planning the faire, blogging and... not cleaning the house. To combat my sedentary lifestyle I've taken up learning Russian gypsy style dance (that's not one of my random jokes, I really am learning Russian gypsy dance). I'm trying to learn the dance so I can perform at my faire and hopefully other events. I've been dancing for a couple months, I practice almost every day and I'm losing weight but I've got a loooooong ways to go.
I don't really mind being fat - I just hate that I'm outgrowing some of my favorite dresses.
Hooray for priorities! 
 I've pretty much had to hang up my belly dancing shoes though - not that I wear shoes for belly dance. I've got this weird sciatica thing that's been kicking my butt since I was pregnant with Cedar. Belly dance is a guaranteed trigger for a pain party that can stop me in my dead tracks my like a drunk elephant.
Drunk elephant? Well, I guess I mean if I saw a drunk elephant I would stop dead in my tracks?
Or maybe I mean, a drunk elephant can't walk well, so  it would stop in its tracks?
Whatever. Later, chicks.
Time for me to go blog on my other blog while I think about starting a new blog about my other two blogs.


  1. I'm still on the look out for pants like those. Almost found a pair at Cato, then I turned around. Oh, well, maybe next time

  2. You are going to be the Best Russian Gypsy Dancer. I just know it! Honestly that Faire does not know how lucky they are to have you!

  3. Those trousers are fab, loving the necklace, too.
    The dancing sounds like fun, the sciatica not so much. Get some ice on it. xxx

  4. The outfit is cute no matter what you call it :) I've been thrifting for different outfit bits I rarely try, too. I avoid pants whenever possible. Uncomfortable!

  5. Ugh! Hate car troubles. Bu yay for the Russian gypsy dance! :D

  6. bohemian soccer mom, I love it! We all have those days wehre we aren't feeling our outfits, you look cute even though you don't love what you're wearing!

  7. I personally am loving the outfit!


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