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Sunday, July 12, 2015

these are my lazy pants

I'm not feeling well today.
I ran out of melatonin and used wine as a substitute last night. Lots of wine. 
Baaaad idea.
Here's a totally irrelevant photo of me - 10 years and  100lbs ago.
Now I'm nauseated, extremely tired and to top it all off it's.... you know.... that gross lady time.
I feel like Garbage with a capital "G".
I can't even be bothered to put on a bra. I'm reheating leftovers and I have plans to sit on the couch and play Farmville for the rest of the day.

This really sucks because I was really hoping to go wind surfing today with my pals from the Puerto Rican street gang I just joined last month.
They named me Asesino del Ratón.
Which means "Mouse Killer" in Spanish.
I don't even know what wind surfing is.

So um here. Go check out my Amazon store.
I started it as a fundraiser for our gypsy trailer thing and decided to keep it up to earn some extra cash. Plus it's super fun hand picking all that sweet merch. I've had plans to open a bohemianish store for ages and then a certain renaissance faire came along and distracted me. Darn you better ideas! This is actually a pretty awesome substitute for a real store. No shipping, no restocking... just sit and click, click, click.

So yeah, here's my store - it's named after my other blog "Quirky Bohemian Mama".
Enjoy. I'm going to go throw up now.


  1. You need some hair of the dog. As in a wine cooler or something. LOL Just mentioning that probably made you want to hurl.

    I feel for you lady!


  2. I was thinking about you the other day! I hope you get feeling better soon.

  3. But Hollie, how can lots of wine be a bad idea? And yeah....I always feel so gross during that time too....well, most of the time even when I'm not on it TBH...

    PS "Mouse Killer''...mwahaha

  4. Great ... now you have me wanting to go and spend some money that I shouldn't be spending! Way to go. Lol, aside from my anger with you for giving me a severe case of the wants, I love your Amazon shop!

  5. Bahahaha look how cute you look there. I was NOT cute 10 years ago haha. I want basically everything on your Amazon store, whyyyy do I not have tons and tons of money?!

  6. Melatonin isn't allowed in the UK so wine is the only option!
    Always a looker, weren't you? xxx

  7. heat, humidity = sucky summer. The only thing I like about summer "down south" is it doesn't get dark until after 8:30


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