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Sunday, July 19, 2015

freak of the weak

Is it a dress? It is a blouse? Who cares! It's long enough to cover by butt.  I don't think this is a top I would have bought for myself, but my mother was cleaning our her closet and figured I would like it.
I love the sleeves and the length, I'm just not really digging the super busy pattern. If I wasn't going to church today I would have tossed the leggings, put on some sandals and gone totally swinging sixties - shown aaaaall leg. Cellulite, jiggle and all. It's so hot here.
So what have I been up to? Hermmm....
Well I finally realized that I need to finish my gypsy queen costume for the faire. I've decided to add in other colors beside just the fiery reds and oranges. Sticking to those colors makes me look more fantasy-ish and less gypsy... ish.
So I've added color and working on adding more trim and sparkly things and authentic vintage Turkomen and Kuchi tribe stuffs. 
I added some of these Indian cowrie shell bell thingies to my yarn tassel belt and my crown in on its way from China! Squeee!! I'm getting a crown!!
I've given the outfit a test drive already and it turned out to be quite spectacular. I'm super proud of it and super excited to flounce about in it come September.


I ordered some of this tassel trim from eBay for maybe a dollar a yard (?). I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it when I bought it - I just knew I wanted it. I decided to jazz up this ugly lamp in the corner of the living room.

  The trim is an electric melon color and is very, very eye catching. I rescued this vintage lamp shade years ago from a houseful of college guys - the poor thing was about to make its way to the trash so I snatched it up and put it on a bare lamp stand at my then boyfriend's (now husband) home. We've had this weird lamp every since. I had gotten so used to looking at it that it just because a part of the wall.
  And here are some pics from last Sunday. I managed to get out of the house to distract myself from bleeding to death and being a bit hungover for the third time in my life.


And a few "just because pics". 
Cedar is 10 months now and River is 2-1/2.
Crazy times, folks. Craaaaaazy times.

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  1. Pretty dress/blouse/whatever. I think you should ditch the leggings -- it's Summer!

  2. The new to you tunic type doo dah is lovely, I especially like the sleeves. Aren't the cowry shells pretty little things x

  3. get back in the house, it's crazy hot and humid outside! Maybe I'll stay indoors until, oh, October.

    The lamp looks awesome.

  4. That mini is blinking gorgeous on you and I'm all over the fringing. That's the perfect thing to add a bit of length to a dress if you're worried about showing your arse to the world!
    the kids are gorgeous but with parents like you two that's hardly surprising! x

  5. Oooooo...can't wait to see the full gypsy queen costume, Hollie! And I so love what you did to that lamp:)

    PS Time sure does fly by with the kiddos, eh? Sigh....

    1. Hahaha...Hollie, as your prize, you get my love and affection:D

  6. Cedar looks like she's gotten a tan in these pics haha!! I love your shirt/dress and would like it for myself. And I LOVEEEE what you did to the lamp shade!!!!!!!

  7. You look so boho and fab! And those cute kiddos!


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