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Sunday, November 8, 2015

that time I went to a wedding

I went to a wedding last night! I hate weddings but this is one I've been waiting for for a long time.
My good buddy of about 8 years was single for as long as I knew him but during that time I knew he had a long time crush on a girl. After ten years of crushing and blushing he finally made his move and won her heart!
The event was a small 50s themed church wedding and it was so cute. The bride even requested the guests wear 50s attire. I'm not a 50s fan but you know I couldn't pass up a chance to dress up.
The bride was breathtaking. She's a porcelain beauty who was clearly born in the wrong era.
Her gorgeous dress was a handmade Etsy find.
And below is the grooooooom.

The pic below:
Years ago we all used to be in a band called Boxtree - I played bass by the way. It was a pretty mediocre indie-style band but we had fun doing what we did and towards the end, we started getting better, cleaner and tighter. Everyone moved off for school or just going with the flows of 20-something life changes so the band was over.
 Whenever we're all together in one place we call it a Boxtree reunion and threaten to play a show.
No, we're not actually going to do that. 
We're posing for a photographer in front of us and we're missing two members in the pic here. I can't wait to see the pics he took of use giving serious looks though the alter candles. Perfect for an album cover.

The last time we all had a pic together was at my wedding reception five years ago.
It's funny seeing the difference just 5 years makes when you're young: weight gain, weight loss, eyesight gone bad, hair loss... but we're all still very awesome people.
And this is my husband eating a sparkler.

Wearing: Vintage Lane Bryant dress, cheap bolero from eBay, 60s gloves.
Side note: I gave my gloves to the bride. She said she liked them and wanted to wear gloves so I gave her mine. It was a sacrifice I was more than happy to make since we're too broke to give decent wedding presents!

  ▲ SEE YA! ▲

I've got a lot to do today so please forgive me if I don't make it around to your blog posts!!


  1. What a great wedding! And it's nice you got to reunite with your old band buddies. I just love the bride's wedding dress, and the little bride and groom figures. And the cake!!! You did the right thing giving her your gloves, making the day even more special.

  2. This wedding looked like so much fun, Hollie! I love the theme. And how lovely was that story of your friend finally making the move and winning the girl:) She looked so awesome btw, and so did you.

    PS You should totally post a vid of you and the band performing, yo! :D

  3. Looks like it was very fun! Good that your friend made the move. The bride is gorgeous.

  4. What a great wedding! And of course you played bass because that's what awesome chicks do. I'd love to hear the band!
    You and your man look fabulous. Eating sparklers, though, might give him a tummy ache.

  5. This looked awesome! I adore that now they can actually ask guests to show up wearing a certain era of clothing! Ha! I'd like to get an invite that says, "Please wear space alien attire." I'm sure you would too.

    Since I love 1950's style this is right up my ally. The bride is gorgeous and I love what they chose as a boutonnière for the groom. How sweet of you to offer up your gloves.

    You and I both have old photos up. I agree it can be scary seeing the passage of time in photos.

    I can just see you rocking out on stage playing bass. You're so badass.


  6. Boxtree will play again. Trust me.

  7. You look so cute! I want you to be invited to a Gypsy wedding or a Bollywood wedding just so I can see you get dressed up. You with the mister in the car is a great doesn't quite top the Halloween Poe & Co. photo tho. BTW. Your comment on Val's post put a big old lady smile on my face. Cuz I am actually officially an old lady. I remember the 1950's.

  8. I don't like that fake 1950s style either but you both did a brilliant job rising to the task and look utterly wonderful! I once had a wedding invite that asked guests to wear neutral tones, as it was one of Jon's cousins I had to go but man, was it tricky! xxx

  9. Such a cute, kitschy wedding. :)

  10. This wedding looked so fun. I loved the style!

  11. what a fun wedding! you look so cute . You never disappoint your freinds and family.

  12. I haven't been visiting blogs or blogging but here I am now! It's nice to see how you and the babies have been doing! You look cute! This wedding is so adorable,I loveee weddings.

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