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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

open the gate and seize the gay

Aw man, I've been doing things and stuff. And stuff and things.

I finally bought the domain to my Quirky Bohemian Mama blog. See when you do that, you're waaaaaaay more visible in searches and therefore can spend less time promoting and begging for attention and stuff. So this is the move I've really needed to make but I've had several posts go viral on Pinterest and that brings me like 95% of all my traffic. If my domain name changed, then the pins would be linked to nothing and all my traffic would drop off to nothing. 

Soooo.... what I did was made a copy of the blog so no links will die. 
In a nutshell, the Blogspot blog is still up and its newborn twin is at

The problem was I was unable to import my blog to the new domain so I had to copy and paste the HTML to almost aaaaaaaall my posts by hand. It took me 5 days and I finally got it done! 
So to celebrate, here are some completely irrelevant photos to this subject. 

If this outfit looks familiar, well it's because I wore a pink version of it in my last post.

These pics are from my Soul Flower Vibe Tribe (NOT an affiliate link)  blog post for the month. I'm sporting a pair of organic cotton leggings with this great design on them. 

I'm not pimping a product - just bragging about my freebies.

In other news, my diet's going good. The juicing thing caused me some serious digestive problems. I lost a ton of water weight but then packed it on almost overnight when I stopped and started my cycle. I was super miserable.
Has there been a blog post yet where I haven't mentioned my monthlies? Sorry!

So I've gone to a more traditional diet and I'm actually sticking with it: 1,290 calories a day + 10-30 minutes of dance 5 days a week. I'm keeping track of everything on MyFitnessPal and I'm pretty proud of myself.  I've lost 8-lbs in two weeks. Yay!

Don't use these pics to judge my weight loss. If I look thinner in them it's because I've edited the heck out of my enormous bosom so I'll look a normal human being for a bigger audience over at Soul Flower. You guys know I have massive knockers, so I don't have to hide them from you.

Some of you have been with me for years and I feel like we're at that special part of our relationship when I can start peeing with the door open.
I love you guys.
I don't have to edit my boobs for you.
Let's move in together.


  1. You do make me laugh - a breathe of fresh air when there's so many bloggers outting on airs and graces.
    Well done on the weight loss, that sounds a much more sensible plan than all that silly hipster juicing. xxx

  2. Blog hassles. Aren't they a nightmare? Looks like you've got it all under control now though.

    Awesome on the weight loss!


  3. boob editing here, please! And yes... you can totally pee in front of me with doors open.
    And yay on the domain thing and the weight loss, girl:) These are may-juh accomplishments! Congrats!

  4. MyFitnessPal helped me lose so much weight!!!! I've kept it off and it's a year later!!

  5. Aaaw that's what you do if you really love your blog, right? You'll do everything manually if you have to, just to keep it up and running.
    Love your photos cause they always radiate so much lust for life1 <3

    Bad Taste Toast - A Blog from Düsseldorf

  6. Well done you Hollie! I tried a detox once and that made me so, so miserable xx


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