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Monday, July 25, 2016

Sumthin' New

Sorry I'm not sorry for the crappy phone pics...

I'm trying out a new look for this year's faire. Since I've stepped down as director I'm still Daniella Noir the Gypsy Queen and head of the gypsy camp so I'll have more time to perform and entertain and all that jazz soooooo that means I'll need a more practical costume.
The shenanigans I wore last year consisted of waaaaay too many layers, needed constant readjusting and didn't look very "gypsy". 

I need something super fancy and lightweight. I need to be gaudy and stand out so people will know I'm the  queeeeen.... but I need to be able to dance in it. Late September heat cools down to about 85 or 90 but when you're dancing in layers, temperatures don't matter.
Hot it hot.

A cool but about this belt:
After almost passing out whilst performing in a boned corset at the pirates ball, I realized I need something that won't cover my chest, something that will tuck me in and also cover the fact that my skirts are pulled up right under my boobs so I'll have more skirt to dance with.
A regular under-bust corset will still be too tight and my boobs would hang over it in the ugliest way. I searched the internet for days couldn't find what I envisioned I needed. 

One day I was looking through some faire photos and I saw a belt hanging behind a merchant in his booth:

Gasp! I need that style in black! I messaged him on Facebook and my custom belt was at my doorstep just a few days latter!

I'm not going to wear this necklace as a crown again this year. It's not looking right with my head wrap. I might just do a smaller necklace or a string of coins or a cool brooch in the middle and add more flowers and drippy bits.
The whole deal isn't finish. I'm adding some shiny bits to the vest and green over-skirt. Tassels and mirrors and beads and stuff.

So what do you think of my new look?
It's it more "gypsy" that last year?
Would you change or add anything to it?


  1. Hollie, this is awesome! I really think you nailed it with this costume:) That custom belt is fab!

    PS Thanks so much for always leaving such sweet comments on my post, dahling. Mwah!

  2. I love your new look! I think it looks really gypsy...but then what do I know? ; P


  3. It's fantastic and definitely more gypsy! xxx

  4. You look amazing! I love that plume of color in the second photo! :D <3

    - Anna

  5. yes, to your new and improved costume

  6. Love the costume! The head composition alone is gorgeous :)

  7. Oh definitely coins. Lots of jingly coins. Hollie, all of that gypsy dancing is having some kind of effect because you are looking quite beautiful.

  8. Great costume! I love it. I can't believe you dance in 90 degree weather though. Hahaha. I know from IG you started to add sequins, right on. But I love the idea of sparklies on the head scarf too. Coins. Yes, jingly things.

  9. I love your new look. It has a lighter feeling, very pretty. I do think you need something bright and fancy on your head to convey that you are Queen. Like a shiny satin fuscia head scarf with sequin? You are the expert. :-)

  10. You look incredible Hollie! I love your costume!


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