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Sunday, July 31, 2016

And then I was like...

This dress is new. 
It's dumb though.
I ordered it online because it's cute and cheap... I'M cute and cheap so I was like, ok why not?
Well the dress buttons down the front completely but has no modesty panel and there was no way to tell that in the photos.
Usually when I buy something with buttons I just use fabric glue and seal it shut - you know because of the boobs and all - and I simply slip the garments over my head. Well, can't do that with this one. I'm not even sure how I could sew it shut without it looking all bunched up. 
Meh, I'll figure something out.

So I took a long half slip and pulled it up over my boobs to a cover things up under the dress. The dress remained rather gap free until I started taking photos. I simply tug would have closed the gaps but I guess my husband thought is was supposed to look like that....

I'm going to start injecting him with a little bit of estrogen every night while he sleeps until I see the desired results of a husband that can inform me when my clothes are wonky or when I have LIPSTICK ON MY TEETH.

Ok, so back to this dress. It's a, um, I guess you could say a hi-lo maxi? It's shorter in the front and very long in the back and just baaaarely brushes the ground when I walk. 

I asked my husband to take a photo of the back of the dress and this is what I got...


Alright so I completely forgot about this little guy. The chain he came on broke a couple years ago and it never dawned on my to just put him on a new chain until this morning. Heeee's back!
He needs a name.
Any suggestions?



  1. Yes, the photos you took are so much better than your husband's efforts. But don't give him too much estrogen or he may start getting moody, or wanting to borrow all your jewellery and scarves. Speaking of jewellery (British spelling, so long-winded), the name that came to mind for your spidey necklace is Legs Manhattan. Don't know why.

    Your comment on my blog about the plunge pool was interesting. I hadn't thought about it being for "unclean" women. I saw another pool recently near a church, called St. Mary's Well. I have no idea what Mary was doing there - maybe it's better not to know.

  2. husband takes the same kind of pictures, which is why I always use a tripod, or one of the kids, to take pictures. They must've gone to the same photography class! I do like this dress though, Hollie:)

    Anyhoo, I am liking that name Legs Manhattan on the comment above:D

  3. cute dress. Hook and bars next to the buttons might work to keep the front closed.

  4. Charlotte. Or is that too "typical"? That book made me cry and still does.

    My husband is also terribly useless when it comes to taking photos. I get so frustrated that all my photos he takes I just looked pissed, thus why I now use my tripod.

    I often use snaps on gaps, but that might be a whole lotta work here.

    You're looking fine!


  5. I have the same problem with Jon, he never notices if I'm wearing things back to front or tucked in my knickers. Blokes, eh?
    That dress looks fabulous on you but that! I hate spiders. xxx

  6. I love the print of the dress though and how thin it looks for summer. Gorgeous :D I have the same issues with the chest areas of many things too. How about the stuff that fits the waist and is super cute but as no give at the breast so it painfully flattens them? Nuuuu! (I've had similar thoughts about injecting estrogen into the boyfriend. Chaste Berries ground into his food would have a slight testosterone lowering affects, bwhaaha. When I ask him to help me clean he tries but has no feminine attention to detail to do it right. This morning he put the frozen berries away in the kitchen cabinet...)

  7. OMG Holly, you kill me! I love your idea about injecting the hubby with estrogen. Let me know if it works. My husband always takes side pics of me so everyone can see my profile with a big butt! Makes me so mad! lol

  8. OMG Holly, you kill me! I love your idea about injecting the hubby with estrogen. Let me know if it works. My husband always takes side pics of me so everyone can see my profile with a big butt! Makes me so mad! lol

  9. Haha, I had finally gotten a nice looking hairdo to stay put (I'm terrible at doing my hair) and turned around to the camera so Nick could get a shot of it. Then we went out and did stuff and came home. I took my hair down before I looked at the picture. When I did look, I found a great shot of my butt with my head completely cut off!

  10. You're so pretty! I love that last picture, your skin is glowing.
    I have a dress with buttons on the bodice which go one step further and undo in public places. I finally got round to sewing a buttonhole closed, as thankfully it has a side zip x


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