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Monday, March 13, 2017

The Mighty Navajo Warrior

Notice anything different (besides my new faboo patchwork Banjara bag)?
I ain't got no hair anymore.
I cut it off myself.
See, what had happened was...

I quit giving self chemical relaxers, (AKA "perms") about a year ago so I can grow out my natural curly nappy hair.  Many black women are doing this because natural hair is happy hair and it grows like mad once you stop torturing it. I've always had very long hair but it's  only going to get so long when it goes through such harsh treatment every other month. 

Oftentimes when chicks "go natural", after they have a year's worth of the new hair - many women usually go ahead and do "the big chop" to cut off the damaged permed chemically treated hair. Some women just shave it all off and start from scratch.

Sometimes they keep the permed hair for the length because it's easier to style but
I didn't have much of a choice since the treated hair was dreading into the natural hair, forming nuggets of wadded hair that had to be cut out and tiny little knots that fell out when I tried to comb them out. I was losing the treated hair at an alarming rate so it had to go.

When my hair was growing out, I was keeping the craziness hidden with a drawstring ponytail, headbands, scarves and flowers. You'd never guess there was so much action going on under that big fake ponytail, huh?

What do you think? Ya dig it? 

For educational purposes, because I know the topic of black folks hair can be a bit confusing:
Here's a photo I found online of a woman's natural hair growing out. See how thin and dry the permanently straightened hair is versus the natural curly hair at the top?
So yeah. Ya get it.


  1. That bag! Gorgeous!
    I love your new short hair, it does look like it's in fantastic condition. xxx

  2. Totally digging the new hair, Hollie! You look great, and someone who straightens hair everyday aside from bleaching it, natural hair really does mean happy hair.

  3. Your new do looks terrific! I really like it on you. Way to go. I also love the bag and sunglasses!

  4. Hey, I'm liking that snarl too. Better than Elvis. And I can see that new hair smiling all the way from here! yeah.

  5. I absolutely love your hair. I think you look very chic!


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