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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Those Yellow Flowers

Here are some random photos from our second visit to the Jonquil Festival in Washington, AR.
The festival is held every year at the Historic Washington State Park which is a little town that has been preserved to maintain that good old 1840s "Southern Charm".

See? Charming...

There are tours and all kinds of Civil War era crap to see but we didn't have enough time to check it out. We got there kind of late and didn't even get to check out all the vendors so, poo. Oh, well. We'll be back next year since it is a pretty cool festival for a town with the population of a whopping 108 folks.

I got to eat shark on a stick though. Jealous?
Never had it? Meh. Tastes like chicken.

So let's chat in between photos: 
In other news: I'm considering taking a hiatus from the QBM blog so I can have more time to... not blog at QBM. Get what I mean? I tried. It didn't work and I'm ready to move on. I'm going to try my hand at a different kind of "for profit" blog. I'm not going to reveal what the plan is just yet but it's already in the works! HEE HEE!! I'll explain more about the blogging issue in another post.

Two bits of good news: We finally got a second vehicle so I'm free to leave the house as I please! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 


We're finally getting to remodel the house I showed you guys photos of a while back. I think when I mentioned it last, we were considering moving in. I don't recall ever announcing that we will be moving in hopefully within the next couple months. 

So winnage #2!

So there ya go! What'd you do this weekend?


  1. Y Fronts on coat hangers! Your blog always has something to see.
    That festival looks very quirky. I love the lady all crinolined-up beside an advert for deep fried Snickers. TAlk about old meets new.
    You are looking fabulous. Hooray for new wheels and freedom. xxx

  2. Yay for the two great news, Hollie! Hopefully, the remodelling goes by quickly and you get to move in soon:) And girl, I don't even know how you were able to do two blogs. All the best with the new one in the works!
    PS Have never had shark on a stick. I AM JEALOUS!

  3. yeah, to your good news. Gotta love that ol' fashion southern charm! (nope, no thanks) I de-thorn vined my back yard this weekend. My forearms look like I want 10 rounds with a mad cat.

  4. I'm excited about your move, car and new blog! You are a busy woman!

    I love that woman dressed with the crinoline.


  5. If you are interested, come and join my challenge - give it a looksee.
    Link up that new "for profit" blog of yours!


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