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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

that thing I do

Hello, you wild beasts.
Behold, a little weekend recap:

Here are some clothes and jewelry and my face and stuff.
 I'm wearing a recently thrifted dress over a skirt because the dress is oddly very short in the back. I never have that problem. My dresses are always too short in the front.... you know... the boobs and the fact that I have no rear. No butt at all - well, at least for a black woman. 


So check out these huge Afghani glass bead beauties I scored on Etsy. Two for $10! Not bad, eh???
They were marked down because they're a little damaged but nothing that can't be fixed.
After last year's jewelry mishap at the faire, I swore off dancing in metal jewelry.
In case you don't remember, I danced for two days in the sweltering Southern heat and my sweat and cheap jewlery did not get along very well. 

I had a rash on my left boob that got so bad, it split open. I had terrible rashes on my upper chest and behind my ears and down the sides of my neck from my earrings.

These necklaces are so fabulous, I can't see myself only wearing them for the faire. Look at these! I wanna sleep in them! 
Sunday afternoon, I joined some friends in the park for some drumming and music like we used to do  way back many years ago. Eh, hardly anyone showed up so it turned out to be more of just a hang out session instead of a jam out session. Oh, well. The weather was nice.

And here's me with a tambourine on my head showing off... my balls.

The aslatua is a percussion shaker instrument from Ghana. It's two little gourds filled with seeds or pebbles, tied to a string. I got these weeks ago and I love them. They're a serious challenge. You hold one ball in your hand with the string between your fingers. Then swing the other ball around your hand, over your thumb to make it hit the other ball in your hand. Swing it back around to catch it in your hand. 
Ok, I'm no good at explaining stuff.
I'll post a little demo video at the bottom.

Where does the sound come from?

Oh, and I finally got a pink ukulele! I had not idea how cheap these were! Er, well for a beginner one to just fiddle around with, anyway. Wanna come over and rock out with me, Emmy?


  1. I'm dying over those necklaces! Love them! xxx

  2. Those necklaces are spectacular but those balls are insane. That takes some serious skill. Very cool.


  3. Hollie, I'll jam with you any day! Come on over:D I love the colour you got too:) And ehrmahgerd! That aslatua looks very challenging but man....wouldn't it be cool to master that?!?
    PS Love the glass beads too. You are the epitome of a true bohemian.:)

  4. What a fun post! Love the necklaces.

  5. The necklaces are great and OMG about that reaction to the metal jewelry.


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