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Sunday, April 2, 2017

pretty pretty princess

It's raining a lot outside, so here are some terrible indoor photos.

A few weeks ago I bought a 5-pack of magic wrap skirts for about $30 and they finally came in!  In case you're not familiar with them, magic wrap skirts are made from old saris in India and you can style them to be worn as a skirt or dress. No two are the same, they're a one-size-fits-most garment and it should wrap around you twice but I got like a one and a sixteenth wrap out of it.
I'm fat. 

As it's been a rather blustery day, an underslip was a must.
I hate underslips with all my heart and soul, though.
They stick to me and they don't breath so I don't wear them no matter how thin my skirt is. My mother raised me like a right proper lady, so growing up, slips were absolutely mandatory no matter how thick or long the skirt was.
 When I was grown and married, one scorching hot Texas summer day I thought to myself,  "Hang, on! I don't have to do what my mom says any more! I'm grown! Bye underslips!"

But today was the exception. Leg and panty exposure aren't really favored in or around church...

I bought a magic wrap skirt many years ago when I first started belly dancing. I've never thought to wear it for anything other than costuming. When I saw 5 for $30 my plan was to keep a couple and sell the rest off but I love them all!!! I think I shall keep them.

Oh, in case you were wondering: the TV on my right is our homemade kid monitoring system. We hooked up a plain jane security camera in the kid's playroom next door and hooked it up to a small TV that sits right next to my work space. No fancy baby monitors, no weird smart phone hookups. Just a cheap camera, a wire and a TV we found in an abandoned trailer. 
Welcome to my cheapskate parenting world!

So what are you party people up to?


  1. Where did you find the skirts so cheap?
    I don't wear slips, either - they make me feel like an old lady. Church would be a good reason for one, though.

  2. I used to buy those skirts for 25 rupees a piece (around 30p) and sell them in the UK to pay for my next flight to India! You look fabulous. x

  3. Well, you do look like a pretty princess! I'd never heard of that type of skirt but they sound quite perfect. Funny you should mention under slips 'cause I just bought my first one in decades. I too am not a fan but sometimes you just need one.

    I have a table covering thing that was made from all kinds of pieces of old saris. It's so pretty, with all the different patterns and colours.

    Love your child monitor. Ingenious!

  4. Hollie, that homemade monitoring system is just brilliant! And yay for these skirts. I love your colour combo too:) Yup....hate underslips too but I guess you do need them sometimes...sigh...

  5. You ARE a pretty pretty princess. My kids loved that game. That beautiful plastic jewelry was a winner. We used to add make-up to the mix because boys in blue eye shadow is just too good. I love your hair.

  6. Those skirts are wonderful! What a great deal. I love these colours.



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