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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Faire thee well and all that jazz

Last weekend, me and the fam traveled to Kilgore, TX to visit Avalon Faire.
Even though the forecast only predicted cloudy skies and cool temperatures, as we got closer to the faire, the forecast rapidly began to change. When we got to the faire, it began to thunder a lightning a little so we left to wait out the storm at a nearby barbecue joint. 

Service was outrageously slow, the menu and ordering process was horribly confusing and the three ladies in line in front of me talked about me as if I were deaf. Instead of  complimenting me or asking for a photo like most decent humans do, they preceded to carry on a convo about me as I just stood and smiled at them wondering if they were ever going to talk to me directly.

We left before even placing our order.
Bad vibes.

When we got back to the fairgrounds, it seemed as if the storm was moving away so we got out to put the rest of our garb on. 
DUMP! Here comes the rain.
We sat in the car and waited. 
The husband was talking of leaving but I was having no such thing.

When the rain let up I begged the ticket-taker to give us a rainy-day discount since we might have to turn around and leave at any minute and she did.

The canopy we put of over the kid's wagon broke and then the wagon broke shortly after that so we bought a couple nylon parasols. The parasols weren't waterproof but much better than rice paper! The kids did amazingly well considering this was their first festival sans containment of some sort.

And all of this to say:
It was raining off and on so I left my camera in the car and took bad photos with my phone.
The end!


  1. Annnnnnd the rain! The End! I've had some days lol.

  2. Y'all are such troopers, Hollie! Even with the rain, it looked like you guys had fun. River and Cedar looked like they were having a good time...and so did you and the hubby, of course:D And dang those ladies! Like...what the heck? I hate it when people do that!
    PS Please tell Cedar thank you! Love her hair too:) And thank you for taking the time to post that comment on my last post. It was great to read how your blog has progressed throughout the years:)

  3. Oh no. That sounds a bit of a disaster. At least you looked fantastic even if the event wasn't. x

  4. Sometimes it's just ONE OF DEM DAYS! Glad you guys stuck it our regardless, in the south those storms really can just come and go, always wait it out!

  5. rain please stay away from the outdoor graduation on may 6th. I used to do musical theatre OUTDOORS on the Georgia coast. It rained almost every night at 6:30. Which was just enough time to push the water off the stage and start the show. Wow, jousting!

  6. I adore the jousting shots! That is always so exciting to watch.

    Such a shame about the weather and the losers at the BBQ place.


  7. Wow, it looks like fun filled event. Such events should held more often and people should spare some time to participate in them. Thank you for sharing such lovely post here


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