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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

fleas in my wine

Yesterday was me and the husband's 7th wedding anniversary so this weekend we mini-celebrated by doing a little thrifting, hitting up a wine festival and then having some crawfish at his sister's.

We brought the kiddo with us since it was a rather casual outing.
First, we hit up a sidewalk sale going on outside a giant flea market. It was pretty lame. The advertisements promised vendors, food trucks, door prizes and cupcakes but, meh. Maybe the cupcakes and prizes were indoors because all we saw were a handful of vendors with unmarked overpriced stuff and a sno-cone truck. 

Visiting the sale wasn't a total waste. I got to play with a lasso, bought some good quality bongos for $12 and got to watch a lady making a rag rug.

Moving on the the wine festival...

This guy above gets the "best dressed" award from me and he gets bonus points for matching one of the vendors.

The husband was super cranky from some severe allergy issues he was having and wasn't doing a good job of concealing his grumpiness. We had a bizarre and unnecessary argument in the car about parking before the festival so my mood was a little funky. I didn't really get to take my time and enjoy the festival the way I wanted to. I was hoping to make a day of it but I think we were there maybe an hour before we moved on. We didn't even go into the wine garden.

The festival was decent though. Good music, good food and all that but it had same vendors as the two years before.  Not a major complaint - it just would have been nice to see something different.

Given my husband's mood, asking for pics was a rather unpleasant experience but, oh well. 
I got the pics, didn't I?

Wrapping up the evening with crawfish at my sister-in-law's place.

10-lbs of crawfish for all of us was nowhere close to being enough to fill up on, but it was so spicy there's was no way I could have even taken in more without my lips catching on fire.
Our eyes and noses were watering from the spices but boy, oh, boy it was yummy.

In case you're not familiar with it; gathering around and sharing crawfish with friends and family is a Southern tradition that promotes fellowship, happiness, beer consumption, spicy gluttony and food comas.

{Popsicle faces}

We wrapped up the night with popsicles for the kids, mosquitoes and beer. 
The end!


  1. That lasso looks like fun!

    Also seeing that woman making the rag rug was interesting.

    Good food with friends is a great way to end the day even if it wasn't perfect : )

    Happy Anniversary!


  2. Happy anniversary!
    Before long the kids will be able to take pictures, too - look how big they're getting!
    Food with family is always a good time.

  3. Well, this post is a great slice of real life - having fun with some unfun bits in the mix. Too real. Hahaha. Looks like the day ended on a good note with popsicles and hot lips. Happy Anniversary.

  4. Hollie, send me some of that crawfish! Nomnomnom:D And belated happy anniversary to you guys! Here's to decades and decades more:) XOXO

    PS That dude gets the best dressed award from me too. And I can't believe how fast the kiddos are growing!


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